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Strangely Adorable Achievement earned

When the planets align ever so nicely.
~ BTD6 description

Strangely Adorable is an achievement in BTD6, introduced on Version 14.0. It can be achieved by transforming Adora to her vengeful version by building a Vengeful True Sun God while she is level 20, and she is inside its range. Earning this achievement will reward one 3-0-0 Super Monkey Insta Monkey.


  • Simply farm a lot and get the Vengeful True Sun God with Adora inside the VTSG's range.
  • You can use an Energizer if you don't wish to level her up through Blood Sacrifice.
    • You can sacrifice Energizer for extra cost effectiveness and getting her levels up faster.
    • Energizer is also very handy for increasing the production speed of income-producing abilities (mostly abilities such as Monkey-Nomics, Jungle's Bounty, and Supply Drop). This will allow the Vengeful True Sun God to be purchased sooner.


  • This achievement plays on the word "adorable" and the hero Adora.