Strangely Adorable Achievement

Strangely Adorable Achievement earned

When the planets align ever so nicely.
~ BTD6 description

Strangely Adorable is an achievement in BTD6, introduced on Version 14.0. It can be achieved by transforming Adora to her dark version by building an Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey while she is level 20, and she is inside its range. Earning this achievement will reward one 3-0-0 Super Monkey Insta Monkey.


  • Simply farm a lot and get the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey with Adora inside the AotVM's range.
  • You can use an Energizer if you don't wish to level her up through Blood Sacrifice.
    • You can sacrifice Energizer for extra cost effectiveness and getting her levels up faster.
    • Energizer is also very handy for increasing the production speed of income-producing abilities (mostly abilities such as Monkey-Nomics, Jungle's Bounty, and Supply Drop). This will allow the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey to be purchased sooner.


  • This achievement plays on the word "adorable" and the hero Adora.
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