Sticky Sap is essential to Monkey Glue Gunners. Click the plant to glue all bloons on screen, and use it to survive this mission against stepped up bloons
~ BMC Special Rules before attacking a Sticky Sap Plant Tile
For the special ability used in the mission, see Sticky Sap Plant (Ability).

Sticky Sap Plant is a special mission in Bloons Monkey City. There are two plants with sticky sap on them that have the same ability as Glue Strikers, with Glue Soak and Corrosive Glue effects. Also, some of the track is glue-covered and will slow bloons down. This tile needs to be captured to build the Superior Adhesive Factory which allows for the Glue Striker ability. Upon completion, the player will receive the Extra Sticky Substance item as well as cash and XP rewards. When playing, the player receives one third of the normal amount of money received from popping bloons, so Banana Farms are recommended. The mission has 22 rounds, and two MOABs are sent on the last one (only one on Mobile).


The reward for this mission is the Extra Sticky Substance Special Item, which makes glue used by Glue Gunners last 20% longer and slow Bloons down 5% more.


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  • Even though the bloons are randomly generated, two MOABs will always appear at the very end of the challenge.
  • The glue-covered part of the track will affect MOAB-class bloons.
  • This mission has 22 rounds (24 in second city).
  • The icon for this special mission is similar to the Hibiscus plant.
  • It is the only Jungle Tile which allows the use of Ice Monkeys and Monkey Apprentices.
  • The Guerilla Tactics Training Camp building (needed for the Sabotage Supply Lines upgrade) can be built on a Sticky Sap Plant tile.
  • This terrain can be completed with Monkey Teams even if the Sticky Sap Ability is used (since it does not count as a Glue Gunner).
  • When the ability is used, the seeds inside the plants will disappear and slowly regrow.

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