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Steely is an achievement in Bloons TD5. It is unlocked by popping 250,000 Lead Bloons. This achievement is arguably the hardest to achieve because there are no Lead Bloons in Freeplay Mode and there are very few of them in regular games. In a Hard or Impoppable game you'll see 277 Lead Bloons.

It should be noted that Lead Bloons popped in Sandbox Mode do not count toward the Steely achievement.


  • Replaying the Wizard Lord Special Mission is a good way to get this achievement, as it has 663 Lead Bloons. This is due to the fact that all Pink Bloons are upgraded to Lead Bloons. If you replay it 5 times a day, you will get the achievement in roughly 2.5 months.
    • Taking advantage of Regrow Lead Bloons (see this video tutorial on how the following steps visually appears), this achievement can be completed in a single day. Please note that offensive Monkey Lab upgrades (Popping Power and Attack Speed) could possibly ruin the strategy so it's best to disable each offensive Monkey Lab upgrade when possible. As for Specialty Buildings, Dart Training Facility is optional to use for reduce cost of Dart Monkeys.
      1. Place an abundance of Dart Monkeys (0/0) around the middle of the lightning bolt path.
      2. By Round 12, upgrade the Dart Monkeys to 0/3 each.
      3. If Camo Bloons leak past the Wizard Lord's range by Round 18, upgrade some Dart Monkeys to 2/3 for extra camo-popping power.
      4. Activate the Wizard Lord's Phoenix on Round 23 to deal with the MOABs and their leftover bloons.
      5. On Round 24, sell all Dart Monkeys, then place:
        • A 1/3 Glue Gunner adjacent to the right side of the road halfway between the top screen and the top road zigzag,
        • Two 4/1 Boomerang Monkeys: One below the bottom zigzag of the left side of the lightning bolt rode and one across from it in the center of the road's right side.
        • Place 3/2 Ice Towers near the Boomerang Monkeys.
          • (Optional) To reduce cost for the Boomerang Monkeys' and Ice Towers' upgrades, place a Monkey Village near their location first, then sell the villages after upgrading the towers.
        • This setup should be able to make the Wizard Lord's Tempest Tornado to indefinitely loop all Reglow Bloons by the Boomerang Monkey and Ice Towers towers back to the start of the map and allowing them to grow back to their lead state. Eventually, the bloons that departs on the left side of the road will be cleaned from the map but the bloons that departs on the right side of the road will continue to loop infinitely and some will regrow back to their lead state.
        • The player will achieve 100% lead bloons popped for this achievement (from 0%) usually around ~$2.5 million acquired, which could be achieved within two hours or less.
  • Another option is to play the Random Challenge called "Chemical Warfare" over and over again as it contains a lot of Lead Bloons. All Bloons lower than Lead Bloons spawn as Leads. If you have already beaten this Random Challenge then, unfortunately, the only way to access it again is to reset your challenges.


This is also an achievement in Bloons Monkey City and is unlocked by popping 1,000,000 Lead Bloons.