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Call in some air support from the M.A.F. Squadron. This plane is armed with a radial dart cannon and can be upgraded to drop pineapple bombs.
~ BATTD description

In-game info for Squadron

Independently flying plane with a radial dart attack.
~ Short description

Squadron is an Uncommon Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $600 to place. It can only be equipped to Commander Cassie. Unlike most allies, its in-game tower is actually a monkey holding a control pad, although its appearance in its info/icon depicts a plane with a similar appearance to the ones Commander Cassie flies. Up to 3 Squadrons may be placed at a time before buying any upgrade that increases the quantity of said ally.


Icon upgrade special
Pineapple Bombs
COST: $500
Description: Drop pineapple bombs every 3 seconds for explosive damage
Effect: Drops pineapples that deal 1 explosive damage
Icon upgrade special
Neva-Miss Targeting
COST: $1,200
Upgrade(s) Required:
Pineapple Bombs
Description: Darts will seek out targets
Effect: Self-explanatory



  • Unlike the Monkey Ace, Squadron is limited to the "Path: Circle" target priority.
  • The monkey that controls the Squadron plane has a control pad, similar to Etienne from BTD6.
  • Due to being a type of flying tower in BATTD, Squadron will initially appear as an object that acts as its base to receive buffs from nearby towers and be selected by the player to open the upgrade menu. This trait is shared with other flying units in this game (i.e. Marceline, Hunter Marceline, Ghost Princess, and Tiny Manticore).
  • If a Squadron is stunned, its plane will be stuck mid-flight.
  • Squadrons do not change their attack positions if their range has changed.