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Increases sentry fire rate appreciably
~ BTD5 & BMC in-game description

Sprockets is the third upgrade for the Monkey Engineer's second upgrade path. It increases the attack speed for sentries and the Monkey Engineer's nail gun. By getting this upgrade, the tier 3 upgrade in the first path cannot be purchased. Sentries that belong to Engineers with Sprockets become SentrySprockets (named in BMC Flash only), if at least the Sentry Gun upgrade is bought. It increases the attack speed for the Monkey Engineer's nail gun by ~25% and the sentries by ~50%.


Engineer (& its Sentries) with Sprockets greatly increases its popping power efficiency and better contribution as backup defense as game progresses, while Cleansing Foam can remove Camo, Regrow and pop leads, it will fall short against bloons with no properties, Sprockets are stronger against regular bloons compared to the former.

2-3 engineers should be combined with 3-2 counterpart to cover each others weakness and vice versa. Engineers with 2-3 can pop regular bloons more effectively while 3-2 can pop leads and remove properties by its foam.



BMC Sprockets error

The helmet-switching mistake from the Sprockets upgrade in BMC Flash

  • The official artwork has a mistake in it; the Engineer's helmet is red. At the same time, the Larger Service Area upgrade's official artwork has the black helmet from this upgrade.
  • This upgrade also increases range, as it's notable under Monkey Village's influence.
  • The BTD5 Artwork shows that she is showing its teeth angry similar to the Barbed Darts Monkey Sub and the Tribal Turtle (Standard Only, not Pro).
  • Overclock Engineers' sentries in Bloons Monkey City Flash are called SentrySprockets, and do not receive Monkey Knowledge buffs the same way the normal sentries do (except for camo detection).
  • This upgrade dramatically increases the attack speed of Super Sentries if its Tier 4 Speciality Building is active.
  • The Sprockets upgrade artwork features the Engineer using the nailgun like a machine gun. He appears angry.