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This is a page for tips/strategies for Sprint Track.


The track's paths are rather thick, rendering short-range towers (tack, ice, etc) near obsolete. Although not as restrictive as Long Range, using towers that can cover a large area (infinite range towers, boomerang, etc) will help. 2/x submarines (Advanced Intel) will be of great benefit considering it will provide near-unlimited coverage.

Easy and Medium Strategy[]

First, place a ninja monkey in the inner circle where the lane 1 line ends. Upgrade him in this order 0/1, 1/1 , 2/1 then, 2/2 Next place a boomerang thrower right at the entrance by lane 1. Upgrade him to 1/2

Now upgrade the boomerang thrower to 2/2 once you have enough money.

Next, save up for two monkey apprentices and place them directly to the left and right of the ninja monkey then upgrade them as follows 1/1 1/2 2/2

Next, save up for a submarine and place it in the pool doesn't matter where just make it so you can fit around 5.

Now upgrade the submarine to 1/1 then once you have enough money, upgrade it to 2/1 to get advanced intel which allows the sub to have unlimited range.

Eventually, upgrade the sub to 2/2 and it's your choice to upgrade path one or two.

once you have enough money try and get the ninja to 4/2 and the boomerang thrower to 4/2 the fourth upgrade for the boomerang thrower isn't as important since it costs so much, so only do the last upgrade once you have your ninjas to 4/2.

Now all you need to do is continue to add ninjas, subs, and boomerang throwers every now and then. Preferably add more ninjas than both subs and boomerang throwers, since they are cheaper and more effective. A good ratio of towers is for every nine ninjas there should be three subs and three boomerang throwers.

This is all you will need to beat easy and medium difficulties.