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Spring Spring is an Intermediate Map in Bloons TD 6. It was introduced in the Version 10.0 update.


"Spring Spring" is a spring-themed map. It is a lake with two waterfalls, one at the front and one at the back. Bloons start from the front and divert into two different lanes. Each of the lanes loop once around each mini-island on their respective upper and lower segments of the map, then exit on the right-hand side of the map, where they converge.Balloons will have the first in each round go up, the second go down, the thrid up and so on.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney.png Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $150
Completed $30


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  • This map bears some resemblance to Pat's Pond, except the water and land are reversed and that both entries start and exit from the left to the right.
  • The map appears to have the shape of a frog.