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Splodey Darts is a Premium Upgrade for Bloons TD 5. In Bloons TD 5 it costs CoinsIcon22 while it costs Monkey Dollar5400 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe. It explodes when it reaches its final pop (or touches a Lead Bloon), popping even more bloons and allowing Dart Monkeys capable of destroying Lead Bloons without buying Juggernaut. A Premium Upgrade that is from Bloons TD 4 acts just the same, but it's called Exploding Darts. It is particularly useful if using Dart Monkey Path 2 upgrades.


  • Spike-O-Pults and Juggernauts are affected by this Premium Upgrade.
    • However, since they must reach the end of their pop count or go far enough to disappear, it's much harder to see due to larger range and popping power.
    • Also, in-game path upgrades for Dart Monkeys do not change the effects of the explosion; the explosion is smaller than a Juggernaut projectile. This is even smaller than the Fireball upgrade from the Monkey Apprentice.
  • Regular Super Monkeys are not affected by Splodey Darts, but Dart Monkeys under the influence of the Super Monkey Fan Club are affected.
  • This premium upgrade is effective with the Enhanced Eyesight and Triple Darts upgrades.
  • This premium upgrade is used by the fourth tier of Dart Training Facility (only on Bloons TD5 Mobile).
  • The explosion is the same as when the Sentry Gun from the Monkey Engineer disappears.
  • Spamming 2/3 Dart Monkeys with this premium upgrade can beat most tracks on mostly any difficulty with little to no problems.
  • Each explosion from the Dart Monkey projectiles pops up to 5(?) bloons at once.
  • In BTD Battles, this exists as an unused specialty called "Exploding Darts".
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