Grows thorned vines along the path, dealing constant damage, regenerating lives and providing money every round.
~ In-game description

Spirit of the Forest is the final upgrade in the 2nd path for the Druid in BTD6. When purchased, it slowly begins growing thorned vines along the track that deal 2 damage (6 to ceramics and MOAB class bloons) every 0.5 seconds and will give $1,000 every round it is on-screen. The vine attack can pop Camo bloons but not leads. Additionally, the ability now additionally grants 25 lives per usage alongside the normal Jungle's Bounty effect. It costs $42,500 on Easy, $50,000 on Medium, $54,000 on Hard, $60,000 on Impoppable.


  • Note that an invisible circle surrounds it that dictates when and where the vines will grow. The circle will expand over time, covering more area and growing more vines. This means that the closer it is to the track, the quicker the vines will grow.
  • Once the vines grow, they are on permanently, until the tower is sold so it is vital to keep it on field as once the tower is sold, all vines are immediately destroyed.
  • The vines will remain on the track forever and have infinite popping power, being very powerful throughout rounds 60-100.

Version History


Nerf Spirit of the Forest's Jungle's Bounty income ability is now limited to three uses per round, to prevent infinite stalling income


BuffSpirit of the Forest +1 damage to all attacks

Buff Spirit of the Forest track vines now deal +4 damage to ceramics & MOABs

Buff Spirit of the Forest's T3 Jungle Vine attack targets bloons about 20% faster


Nerf Spirit of the Forest's Jungle's Bounty income ability (along with other income-based abilities) now undergo the full initial cooldown before initial ability usage


Change balloon Spirit of the Forest's life-gaining mechanic no longer activates automatically after each round, but now is gained whenever the ability is activated.



  • This tower is one of the few towers that retains the same ability when upgrading to Tier-5.
  • Note that the player can have a maximum of 5025 lives, with 5000 normal lives and 25 from Mana Shield if purchased, which is enough to survive multiple D.D.T.s or M.O.A.B.s. This is also enough to survive two B.F.B.s, or one Fortified B.F.B.
  • Currently there is a glitch with the vines spawned, every 4th Ceramic spawned via D.D.Ts or M.O.A.Bs will not be damaged. This has not yet been patched.
  • One of Obyn Greenfoot's quotes is "The spirits of the forest awaken". This quote possibly is related to the Spirit of the Forest Druid.
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