Spiky Bloons are a special type of Bloon encountered in every Bloons game except for the BTD series and Bloons Super Monkey. This Bloon, when popped, drops a spiked ball. It is yellow with a spiked ball on it and can bounce quite a few times before disappearing. However, it will disappear automatically if it hits a dirt or metal block. It can be useful on certain Bloons levels. Sometimes it can cause a chain reaction, because of the bounces. Its debut level is Ouchie in Bloons. Its like the Yellow Bloon but it has a symbol on it. like all bloons not in the BTD series it can face different dirrections. On rubber if there is Spiky Bloons above it it will pop them and keep going up "when popped" because of bounce hight.

A Monkey Ace popping some Spiky Bloons

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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