For the BTD6 counterpart, see Spiked Balls.
Modified to produce heavy but viciously sharp spiked balls instead of regular spikes. Do extra damage to Ceramic Bloons.
~ BTD5 Official Description

Spiked Ball Factory in BTD5 Flash

Spiked Ball Factory is the third upgrade for Path 1 of the Spike Factory in Bloons Tower Defense 5, costing $2040 on Easy, $2400 on Medium $2590 on Hard and $2880 on Impoppable. It makes the Spike Factory produce spiked balls that pop 16 bloons (20 on Mobile) each and do three times the damage to Ceramic Bloons. The spiked balls are black balls with orange spikes coming from them. Upon upgrade, a slight range increase occurs (BTD5 only). Usage in great numbers will destroy small numbers of MOAB-class bloons, but is not reliable in late game. If many are used, be prepared for a large amount of lag.

In BTD6, this upgrade makes a return as the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Spike Factory as Spiked Balls. It also pops 16 bloons per ball, but it now deals 2 damage per spike, +3 damage to Ceramics and +1 damage to all Fortified Bloons, including MOAB-class with the Fortified property. See more about this upgrade here.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • In Bloons Monkey City, by giving enough Monkey Knowledge Packs to the Spike Factory's Monkey Knowledge Book, the Spiked Ball Factory can do +3, +4 or +5 extra damage to Ceramic Bloons.
  • The Spike Factory's extra damage to Ceramics is known as crushing damage.

Version History (BTDB Mobile)[edit | edit source]


Buff.png Cost of Spiked Ball Factory reduced ($2400 --> $2200)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Spiked Ball Factory is the only upgrade in BTD5 that costs $2400 on Medium for the upgrade alone.
  • The price of Spiked Balls in BTD6 decreased to the same price as it did for Bloons TD Battles Mobile.
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