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Generates piles of road spikes around the track automatically. Leftover spikes disappear at the end of each round.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description

Spike Factory is a tower in Bloons TD 4 that was introduced on the September 8th, 2011 update. Spike Factory is a machine tower that produces spike piles with up to 5 spikes, popping up to 5 bloons per spike pile. It can be upgraded to produce spikes faster, produce more spikes per pile, pop.

It costs $595 on Easy, $700 on Medium, $755 on Hard.


Before being upgraded, the Spike Factory shoots out clumps of five tacks at a rate of one shot nearly every three seconds (per second if fast-forwarded). These clumps always land in corners and disappear at the end of each round. If the Spike Factory is not placed in range of a corner, then the Spike Factory will act as if it is not in range of the track at all, and shoot spikes randomly in all directions. This tower will shoot randomly in its range and will not aim for bloons.

Faster Production
COST: $595 / $700 / $755
Description: Makes the factory produce spikes much faster.
Effect: Doubles production rate: cooldown reduced from 3s → 1.5s
Bigger Stacks
COST: $510 / $600 / $650
Description: The factory creates double size spike stacks.
Effect: Doubles spike size: 5 → 10
White Hot Spikes
COST: $295 / $350 / $380
Description: White hot spikes can pop Frozen and Lead Bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Spike Storm
COST: $5,950 / $7,000 / $7,560
Description: Every 15 seconds the factory generates a storm of short-lived spikes, filling up the entire track.
Effect: Every 15 seconds, the Spike Factory quickly produces 100 (?) spike piles across the entire track. These spikes last for about 5 seconds per pile.

Total Costs[]

Easy Medium Hard
Total Sell Amount $TBA $7,480 $TBA
Total Cost $TBA $9,350 $TBA


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  • This tower has the same colors as the Dartling Gun in BTD4. Both start out green/yellow at levels 1-3, blue/purple at level 4 and red at level 5.
  • There is no hotkey for the Spike Factory in BTD4.
  • In BTD4, each pile (without upgrades) appears to have 6 spikes, but it will pop only 5 bloons.
  • In BTD4 iOS, there is a glitch where the Spike Factory can produce bigger stacks even without any upgrades.
  • In BTD4 Expansion, the Spike Factory's logo in the shop is a Dart Monkey. The same occurs for Dartling Gun.
  • In BTD4, Spike Factories may not place spikes in the track if placed too close to the Bloons' path.