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Converts the Dart Monkey into a Spike-o-pult that hurls a large spiked ball instead of darts. Good range, but slower attack speed. Each ball can pop lots of Bloons and rebounds off obstacles.
~ Bloons TD 6 Descripion

Spike-o-pult is the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. With this upgrade, the Dart Monkey becomes a catapult operator, shooting out bouncy spiked balls that pop many more bloons and last longer. Each Spike-o-pult ball pops up to 22 (23 with the "Extra Dart Pops" Monkey Knowledge) bloons, deals +1 damage to ceramics, and can pop Frozen Bloons. Just like its BTD4 and BTD5 counterparts, attack speed decreases with this upgrade, specifically from per 0.95s to 1.15s.

It costs $255 on Easy, $300 on Medium, $325 on Hard, and $360 on Impoppable.

Full Popology[]


The following is a list of statistics of a Dart Monkey with Sharp Shots. It includes its base statistics and all associated crosspathing interactions. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base stats
  • Ball:
    • Projectile, shatter type, detects partial hitbox, 32 range, 1.15s attack cooldown, 1 damage (2 ceramic damage), 22 pierce.
Crosspathing interactions
  • 3-1-0:
    • Ball attack speed increased (1.15s --> 0.9775s)
  • 3-2-0:
    • Ball attack speed increased (1.15s --> 0.9775s --> 0.7666s)
  • 3-0-1:
    • Gains +8 range (32 --> 40)
  • 3-0-2:
    • Gains +8 range (32 --> 40 --> 48)
    • Projectile speed of Ball increased (300 --> 330)
    • Base tower gains camo detection, and all new attacks can affect camo

Damage Types[]

See also: Damage Types/Bloons TD 6/Primary

The following are a list of wiki-written damage types associated by a Dart Monkey with Sharp Shots. These damage type statistics include how it attacks and how these attacks would affect bloons. Expand the box on the right to see further information.

Updated as of Version 27.3
Base attack(s)
  • Ball:
    • Shatter Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Frozen) Shatter
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
    • Bounce (Bounces off obstacles or any side of the screen) Bounce
    • Extra damage versus Ceramics (+1) Extra Damage to Ceramics



Spike-o-pult possesses very high pierce compared to its low cost. To maximize its substantial pierce, it is best placed along straight lines to pop many bloons along the line. Dart Monkeys with the Spike-o-pult upgrade attack slower, however, so placement is key. It is decent on maps with obstacles, such as on Hedge or Moon Landing, because the spiked balls can bounce off walls. Otherwise, this upgrade generally serves as a stepping stone to Juggernaut.


  • Because of its great pierce for its cost, a Spike-o-pult is useful in Race Events, especially with the Path 2 crosspaths for the higher attack speed.
  • Try to set it along a straight line so that it can pop as many bloons as possible to make use of its high pierce.
  • Spike-o-pult balls can pop Frozen Bloons, so adding an Ice Monkey wouldn't be a bad choice. Plus, an Ice Monkey helps slow down the progress of bloons too while Spike-o-pult cleans up.
  • Generally, Spike-o-pult appreciates more from the Path 2 crosspath so that it attacks faster. Path 3 crosspath offers more range, a camo detection upgrade, and more projectile speed, which can be used in certain situations where any of these stats are needed.

Version History[]

Spike-o-pult is cheaper than it did in BTD5, but remains underused, despite balance changes buffing it by a fair bit. Normally, this upgrade is used the most on Race Events that enable this upgrade, although less than other options. Otherwise, it's usually just a stepping stone for Juggernaut.

The Version 25.0 nerf is insignificant once the upgrade is unlocked anyway, and only affects newer players. It swapped XP requirements with Crossbow to encourage newer players to try that upgrade instead.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Spike-o-pult pierce increased (18 → 22)
  • Buff Spike-o-pult costs less ($500 → $300)
  • Buff Spike-o-pult now bounces off obstacles
Dart Monkey at its core is an early game focus tower, so we added some projectile speed options to try and help with its tendency to miss faster Bloons. Spike-o-pult's rate was also increased and damage type changed to shatter to be more versatile of a stepping stone in niche setups saving for Juggernaut
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Spike-o-pult now can damage Frozen Bloons.
  • Buff Spike-o-pult attack speed penalty decreased (1.25s → 1.15s). Does not affect Juggernaut.
For new players, camo is the first real game mechanic that presents a wall for new players. To combat this we have swapped the initial unlock costs of Spike-o-pult & Crossbow to nudge new players more towards upgrading down the camo path for Dart Monkeys first.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Spike-o-pult XP requirement increased (1900 XP --> 2100 XP)


Official artwork[]


  • Contrary to the regular Bloons games, the Spike-o-pult pops Frozen Bloons, but the spiked balls from the Spiky Bloon do not.
  • In BTD6, the Spike-o-pult upgrade is the cheapest Tier 3 upgrade for the upgrade alone.