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Gives the monkey a catapult that hurls giant spiked balls.
~ BTD4 Flash description

Spike-o-pult (referred as Spike-O-Pult in BTD4 and the mobile series of BTD5 Generation games) is an upgrade for the Dart Monkey. The upgrade was originally an tower until BTD4. With this upgrade, the Dart Monkey becomes a catapult operator, hurling bouncy spiked balls that pop many more Bloons. It attacks slower, but the balls last much longer on the track than darts.


Main article: Spike-o-pult (BTD3)


The Spike-o-pult is a tower introduced in Bloons TD 3 that launches a spiked ball with 1 damage and 6 pierce every 1.65 seconds. It is best used against large, clustered groups of low-ranking bloons. Upgrades increase its range, attack rate, pierce, and projectile size.


Main article: Spike-O-Pult (BTD4)

The Spike-O-Pult reappears in BTD4 but has now became an upgrade for the dart monkey.


Main article: Spike-o-pult (BTD5)

Also returns as an upgrade for the Dart Monkey, as an upgrade along Path 1, the upgrades dedicated for extra range.

BTD6 and BTDB2[]

Main articles: Spike-o-pult (BTD6), Spike-o-pult (BTDB2)

It is an upgrade for the BTD6 Dart Monkey and BTDB2 Dart Monkey, but along the pierce set of upgrades, again in Path 1. Balls now bounce off walls, and exclusive to BTD6 it also can re-damage bloons if the balls bounces off.