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Gives the monkey a catapult that hurls giant spiked balls.
~ BTD4 Description
Hurls a huge spiked ball that can pop many bloons at once in a straight line.
~ Unused BTD4 description

The Spike-O-Pult is the third upgrade for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 4. It changes the projectile of the Dart Monkey to a large spiked ball with higher pierce but slower attack rate. Also, spiked balls will no longer explode with the Splodey Darts premium upgrade active.

It costs $255 on Easy, $300 on Normal and $325 on Hard.


The monkey gains a wooden catapult to its right, and the monkey itself shrinks.

The icon shows a spiked ball.


  • It is better to get them at the end of straight lines, so they'll maximize their high pierce.
  • It may not be the best option to buy, as they are rather expensive for the amount of damage it does, but it can still be good in certain situations.



  • The Spike-o-pult appears to be based on the onager, a type of catapult that uses tension to power the shot. The mangolnel is named after a wild species of donkey because of the intense force with which the projectile is shot, causing the device to jump forward every shot.
  • The way the monkey holds the Spike-O-Pult changes as the Bloons TD series progresses. In Bloons TD 3, he holds it with his right hand, in Bloons TD 4 he holds it with his tail, and in Bloons TD 5, he holds it with both hands.
  • The Spike-O-Pult is an upgrade to the Dart Monkey, but in BTD3 the Spike-O-Pult was its own tower. This makes it the first tower to become an upgrade for another tower.
  • Spike-O-Pult is not the cheapest Tier 3 upgrade in BTD4. The cheapest actually belongs to Sonar Beacon, at $280 on Medium. The third cheapest is White Hot Spikes.