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Rapidly fires darts and bombs, dominating most Bloon types easily.
~ BTD6 description

Spectre is the fourth upgrade of Path 3 in BTD6. Just like in BTD5, the Spectre replaces the usual Neva-Miss Targeting homing darts with rapidly shooting darts and bombs, shooting at a rate of 15 times per second (every 0.06s). Each dart deals 2 damage and has 30 pierce each, while each bomb deals 3 damage and has 60 pierce each. However, the Spectre can no longer damage DDTs without MIB or similar upgrades, even if it has camo detection. Also, the Spectre upgrade is now split from Rapid Fire upgrade, which may potentially force either external camo detection for an attack speed bonus or internal camo detection in exchange for no additional attack speed bonus.

It costs $20,400 on Easy, $24,000 on Medium, $25,920 on Hard, and $28,800 on Impoppable.


  • Spectre is a very reliable upgrade for demolishing non-MOAB-class bloons before Round 81, as its relatively good pierce and decent damage make short kills to almost all nearby bloons. This is especially so with Rounds 63, 76, 78 (alongside camo detection).
    • On Rounds 81+, where subsequent rounds change Ceramics into Super Ceramics that have a set amount of extra health plus extra speed per round, Spectres tend to fall back on power against fast Super Ceramics. Often, the Spectre would fail to target properly on specific positions. However, this can be remedied by placing the Spectre's flight path to one that is more closely placed near the targeted bloons.
  • It is usually better off getting 1-0-4 Spectre as opposed to 0-2-4 Spectre. Rapid Fire adds 33% extra attack speed instead of 66% for other towers, but every little extra attack speed helps. Lots More Darts crosspath does not add extra darts for the Spectre, but instead adds 25% more pierce to each dart, which generally isn't worth purchasing, unless the player has a glut of money.

Update HistoryEdit

Before Version 4.0, Spectre was much more powerful than the Apache Dartship for less price. Now, with a very slight nerf to Spectre (but with no change to the Flying Fortress by extension) along with an Apache Dartship price drop has made the Spectre a little more on even grounds.

In Version 8.0, Spectre was nerfed in price but with a damage buff to compensate, mainly to counteract the easy Deflation wins.


Nerf Spectre attacks 16.67% slower than normal.


Buff Spectre darts deal more damage (1 --> 2)

Buff Spectre bombs deal more damage (2 --> 3)

Nerf Spectre costs more ($18000 --> $24000)



  • The nerfed attack speed Spectre with Rapid Fire shoots at approximately the speed of the Spectre in BTD5.
  • Use of a 0-2-4 Spectre formerly was a simple go-to strategy for almost all Deflation Mode maps, but this was no longer possible in Version 8.0, where the Spectre was pricehiked but increased overall damage to compensate.
  • The BTD5 Spectre upgrade used a "mysterious" description ("Flying fortress of bloon doom"), but in BTD6, the description for the Spectre is fully described in terms of how it attacks ("Rapidly fires darts and bombs, dominating most Bloon types easily").
  • The darts from the Spectre are 2D models, while the bombs from the Spectre are 3D models.
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