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The most delicious sandwich in all of Ooo made from the finest, self-aware ingredients. Gives a bonus to most stats.
~ BATTD description
Super Sentient Sandwich

Description before buying trinket (before Ice King unequip nerf)

The Special Sentient Sandwich is a Super Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has some character restrictions, letting any character equip it except Ice King.




  • Speed: +5%
  • Range: +2
  • Damage: N/A
  • Pierce: +2

Special Properties[]

  • Increases blast radius and effect duration (bubblegum, ice, etc) by 5%.

Shard for: 300


Seems like PB's item. It is not recommended when she is still not 10 stars, other 9 slots need important items to be equipped. Special Sentient Sandwich may work with characters that may need the extra range and pierce with a speed bonus on top, although many other trinkets with single specializations of damage and speed may be preferable.



  • Was in one episode where PB was making it for herself with help of Peppermint Buttler.