Deploys a powerful special Monkey Marine with machine gun.
~ BTD6

Special Poperations is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Heli Pilot in BTD6. Alongside making its own crate ability give twice as many cash/lives, it also adds another ability that drops one temporary "Marine" monkey in-game upon activation which shoots like a fast-shooting Super Monkey with limited range that pops 6 layers per shot and has 30 pierce per dart. The Marine can also pop Camo and Leads, making it effective against most Bloon types.

Special Poperations also greatly increase the Heli Pilot's movement speed, making it the fastest aircraft-based tower.

It costs $25,500 on Easy, $30,000 on Medium, $32,400 on Hard and $36,000 on Impoppable.

Description[edit | edit source]

The main Heli Pilot becomes of a darker shade, and has added a logo with an electric symbol to its side. In the upgrade picture, it is revealed that the Special Poperations deploys towers using a rope from the Heli Pilot.

In the artwork, the Marine is shown to be grabbing onto the rope and shooting. When placed down and selected, the monkey's image is standing and shooting normally. On the field, the Marine fires red coloured darts.

The new Marine Ability's upgrade icon is a recoloured version of the head and rifle of the Elite Defender.

When the Marine Ability is activated, the Marine will be placed on the nearest placeable land spot and generate the sound of a secret agency walkie-talkie call.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Marine Ability[edit | edit source]

Marine on the track

Upon activation, the Special Poperations Chinook will deploy the Marine near the closest land spot relative to the Special Poperations Chinook. The Marine lasts for 30 seconds and has a 40-second cooldown. The Marine has 6 damage and 30 pierce, and attacks 20 times per second.

The Marine is also affected by the Faster Firing upgrade, making it a better crosspath than top path if considering maximum efficiency.

Supply Crate Ability[edit | edit source]

Special Poperations cash and life crates

Upon activation, the Special Poperations Chinook will drop a crate of cash or lives, alternating between them for each activation. These crates give more cash and lives than the previous iteration (specifically 2x more cash, from $2000-$4000, and 2x more lives, from 100-150 lives), but the cooldown remains the same.

Pickup Tower Ability[edit | edit source]

Special Poperations' Redeploy ability menu

Also referred to as the "Reposition Ability", "Redeploy Ability", or "Move Tower Ability".

Upon activation, the screen will change to show what towers can be moved, with targets on towers that can be moved. Selecting a moveable tower will allow the player to reposition the tower. After repositioning a tower, the Special Poperations Chinook will move to the tower, pick up the tower, move to the new position, then drop the tower. The ability remains unchanged from the previous iteration.

The list of towers that cannot be moved remains the same:

Door Gunner Ability[edit | edit source]

Main article: Door Gunner

Door Gunner with Sun Avatar picked up via Door Gunner

The Door Gunner ability unlocks for the Special Poperations when the "Door Gunner" MK is unlocked and active. The main function of the Door Gunner ability is to pick up any pickable tower Tier 4 or below (this excludes Heroes too) and allow the tower to attack while active. The tower will not be able to change target priority or activate their abilities until transported to a new location, although the picked up tower's ability can still be active while transported via Door Gunner.

When activated, the ability sends the helicopter towards the selected tower and picks it up. Once activated, the tower will continue shooting on their set target priority until transported back to a new location via pressing the Door Gunner ability again.

While a Door Gunner is active, the Redeploy ability is disabled until the Door Gunner is placed onto a new location. When the Door Gunner is relocated onto another location, the 60-second cooldown for both Door Gunner ability and Redeploy ability will begin. Note that both the Door Gunner ability and Redeploy ability are shared between each other; activating either ability sets the cooldown for both abilities.

Certain interactions occur while using Door Gunner. For example, Engineers with any Path 1 upgrade (except with Tier 5 upgrades) will drop their sentries directly below where the Special Poperations Heli is currently hovering at, or to the nearest placeable land spot if the target location is water or otherwise considered unplaceable terrain. Additionally, it is possible for the Door Gunner's ability to be active while picked up, but the Door Gunner's abilities cannot begin while picked up until placed down.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Special Poperations should not be underestimated just because the only major benefit of the upgrade is its new Marine ability. The main advantages of the Marine are its flexible placement, universal popping power, high pierce, and fast attack speed. Additionally, the total uptime for the ability is quite high, with only a downtime of around 25%, allowing for frequent usages of the Marine in different spots whenever needed.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When it comes to optimizing the Marine ability, use the 0-5-2 crosspath, as the Marine is affected by this crosspath benefit. Quad Darts does not affect the Marine by any means, although Pursuit can affect where the Marine may land.

Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]


Buff.png Cooldown for Marine decreased (50s --> 40s)


Nerf.png Special Poperations' Marine is no longer affected by Alchemist buffs.

Buff.png Special Poperations' Marine now consumes 0 footprint.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The upgrade icon resembles the Elite Defender upgrade for the Sniper Monkey.
  • This upgrade has the most number of different abilities per tower, with three different abilities for the same tower, with two abilities coming from the Support Chinook.
    • As of version 7.0, this is now tied with Ezili and Adora.
    • As of version 17.0, the Super Monkey has a higher number of total abilites (at four), though it can only have one at any given time.
    • As of version 17.0, the Door Gunner Monkey Knowledge gives this upgrade a fourth ability, though it shares its cooldown with the Redeploy ability.
  • "Poperations" is a portmanteau of "pop" and "operations."
  • "Special operations" is a term meaning military enforcement by special military forces.
  • Two new bugs have been introduced to Special Poperations in Version 17.0: one of them involves spawning multiple Marines every few seconds upon using the Marine ability while using picking up a tower via the Redeploy ability, and the other being placing a tower in the center of the map regardless of placement by using the Door Gunner MK ability to drop down a tower onto a Carrier Flagship and immediately selling the Carrier Flagship right before placement.
    • The former has been fixed as of Version 17.1.
  • Even though Version 19.0 added a separate money counter for almost all towers, it has not been yet implemented for Lead to Gold, Rubber to Gold, Monkey Town (and by extent Monkey City), Pirate Lord, Support Chinook (and by extent Special Poperations), and Jungle's Bounty. It has yet to be fully implemented for Spirit of the Forest (ability only), and Sun Temple and True Sun God / Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey with Support sacrifices.
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