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For special missions in Bloons TD 5, see Special Missions.
Be on the lookout for special bits of land marked with a yellow star. These contain a special challenge for you to pass - and a reward for your efforts, if you can pass it. Find some land with special terrain and capture it.
~ "Special Terrain" Quest description

Special Missions, described, in BMC, as Special Challenges, are found on tiles described as Special Terrains. They are similar to normal tiles, with some differences. Each mission has a specific terrain, and are often more challenging than normal tiles. For some missions, this can include earlier appearance of rushes and strong bloons, as well as stricter tower limitations. If completed with no lives lost, they will give BloonstoneIcon.png25 (BloonstoneIcon.png2 on mobile), instead of the usual 5, along with the bloonstones reward when completed. Also, extra starting cash, and Hardcore Mode cannot be activated in special missions.

Some special land can be required in order to build special buildings like the Superior Adhesives Factory. Building or moving something else on these terrains (e.g. a Dart Monkey Hall) will give the player a warning message.

Special Mission List[]

BMC (Both cities) and BMCM[]

BMC only (Bloon Dunes)[]

  • Sandstorm: The player must pass 18 rounds of tricky bloon rushes with the help of the Sandstorm ability, which takes down layers of bloons over ten seconds. The rounds progress without stopping, similarly to Monkey V Monkey attacks or Apopalypse Mode in BTD5. The track is a zigzag going downwards, with the bloons moving slower to the right and faster to the left. There are at least 2 Sandstorm tiles that appear.
    • Rewards: 750 XP; City Cash1000.
    • Strongest Bloon: Varies, dependent on how far it is from the city's starting parameters, up to D.D.T.
  • ZZZZOMG: Players must pass one round consisting of one ZOMG with their original starting cash. Over the course of the round, players earn 500 cash approximately every 5 seconds, giving you approximately 10,000 - 12,000 more cash than their starting cash depending on how fast they destroy the ZOMG. There are at least 2 ZZZZOMG tiles that appear. Banana Farms are helpful since they continually give you money.
  • Dry As A Bone: The player starts with two 2/2 Banana Farms, but gets no cash from popping Bloons like in Deflation Mode, so avoid buying Monkey Towns if you have them. The Rainstorm ability is available and causes the Banana Farms to emit a burst of bananas that give you a cash boost. There are at least 2 Dry As A Bone tiles that appear.

BMCM only[]

  • Bloonprint Hideout: The Blueprint of the Bloonchipper is located in this hideout. There are 14 rounds and the Bloon waves are fixed for everyone - no Camo, Lead, or Regrow Bloons appear here. A M.O.A.B. awaits at the end. Bloons split into two symmetrical paths. List of bloons see below.
  • Crash Site: This is very similar to the Submarine Alliance mission: Same as the Broken 2/4 Sub, the broken Heli-Pilot is at the middle. Paths go towards the Heli-Pilot in 2 paths. Either Defend the Heli-Pilot or Repair it to use as a free tower. Repairing costs $1000, so you can pretty much get it 1st Round.
  • Engineer Rescue: There are 5 Engineers that are trapped in cages along the path. Your job is to free at least 1 of them (or defend them all). It costs $450 to free each one and each one can be placed as a free tower. Engineers disappear if bloons touch them, and pop themselves, if you haven't freed them. If you do not free at least 1 Engineer and all Engineers are gone, the battle is automatically lost.
  • Submarine Alliance: There are 4 1/1 Subs defending a broken 2/4 Sub. Your job is to repair it for $8000. There isn't much land or track in either direction and there are 15 rounds (even though the mission info screen incorrectly says 26 rounds), so good luck. There's a ZOMG at the end, hence the urgency to repair the 2/4 sub, but there are also MOABs in the way. Bloons travel towards the broken Sub at the middle with 2 paths. Also, the ZOMG is not the only bloon in round 15. When reaching round 15, you should get correct timing to destroy the ZOMG otherwise you will lose.
  • Dragon Slayer: This track has the properties of Switch- Bloons go in one of four different directions from the center each round. This 16 round challenge has bloons starting from blue that changes by one rank up every 4 rounds. It will eventually go to pinks. No camo or regen bloons appear. It is exclusive to the iOS only Chinese New Years update. It is possible to complete this with only one tower.
  • Notes: All Special Tiles except for the Bloonchipper has an ability to repair/rescue the tower needed. You'll still need the required amount of money to do it though. If you do it in Engineer Rescue, it frees the furtherest Engineer from the Exit to the closest. The Engineer Rescue and Crash Site tiles lets you place the towers for free and buy every upgrade useable for that Special Tile only. From that point on, you must research the upgrades to use them again. Finishing them unlocks the tower associated with the tile, along with the Upgrade Building and Special Buildings too. Completing Dragon Slayer, however will give the player a red dragon that flies over the city as a decoration.



  • Almost all Special Missions involving unlocking a specific tower all have different music. Engineer Rescue has the Grass Terrain music (because the terrain is a swamp), Submarine Alliance has the River Terrain music (because the terrain is a lake), while Bloonprint Hideout has the Mountains Terrain music (because the terrain is in a cave).
    • Crash Site, however, despite being in desert, the music is same as Bloonprint Hideout music.
  • It is possible to have Special Mission tiles on Pink Bloon tiles.
  • On the flash version, the reward in city cash is added by 5,000(ex:3,500 from phase crystal, turns to 8,500.This was not true for early versions of the game.(Same is NOT true for BMC Mobile.)