Special Items provide special buffs to the player in Bloons Monkey City Special Missions. Special Items can be gained by successfully completing a Treasure Chest tile or a certain Special Mission. Special Items are unique and kept between cities, and the player's accumulated items are found under the Special Items tab.

List of Special ItemsEdit

Anti Camo Dust-0
Anti-Camo Dust:

Grants an activated ability for all subsequent games - for 20 seconds, removes all camo from bloons. Obtainable from one of the first Treasure Chests in the second city. 45 second cooldown

0007 Banana-Replicator
Banana Replicator:

First Banana Farm (resource building) has an increased +150 cash capacity.

0000 Blessed-Dart
Blessed Dart:

Dart Monkeys have +20% pierce. (i.e. +1 pierce every 5 shots for unupgraded Dart Monkeys)

Boss Bane
Boss Bane:

Deals 1500 damage to the Boss. 30 second cooldown.

Boss Blast
Boss Blast:

Pushes the Boss back along the track, and deals 450 damage. 40 second cooldown.

Boss Chill
Boss Chill:

Holds the Boss in place for 7 seconds. 30 second cooldown.

Boss Weaken
Boss Weaken:

Monkeys do double damage for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

0008 Bottle-Rocket
Bottle Rocket:

Increases range of every Missile tower by 10%.

Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Bear:

Grants an activated ability for all subsequent games: 20 bonus lives, 120 second cooldown and limited to one use per round. Obtainable from the ZZZZOMG special mission.

Dark Temple Idol BMC
Dark Temple Idol:

Transforms Temples of the Monkey God into Temples of the Vengeful Monkey. (Mobile: Adds an ability equivalent to the Tier 4 Super Monkey Specialty)

0004 Enchanted-Boomerang
Enchanted Boomerang:

Boomerang Throwers have +1 pierce. Obtainable from the Wattle Trees mission.

Epic Coin Purse
Epic Magic Coin Purse:

The game starts with $200 extra starting cash.

0002 Extra-Sticky-Substance
Extra Sticky Substance:

Glue gets 5% extra slowdown and 20% extra duration. Obtainable from the Special Mission Sticky Sap Plant.

0009 Logistical-Boots
Logistical Boots:

+10% more City Cash awarded when conquering a tile.

0001 Magic-Banana-Bag
Magic Banana Bag:

Increases City Cash capacity by 1500.

0010 Magic-Coin-Purse
Magic Coin Purse:

The game starts with $50 extra starting cash.

Magic Spanner
Magic Spanner:

Monkey Aces and Monkey Buccaneers cost 5% less, including their upgrades.

0003 Ninja-Scrolls
Ninja Scrolls:

Gives all Ninja Monkeys a 5% speed boost. Obtainable upon completion of Tranquil Glade.

0005 Portable-Dart-Monkey
Portable Dart Monkey:

Folds up and slips into your pocket, this little guy can be used during every game as a free Dart Monkey.

0006 Revenge-Stick
Revenge Stick:

Taking revenge grants Bloontonium Icon300 for free. (Mobile: Revenge only uses 80% Bloontonium.)

IMG 0500
Shard of Everfrost:

Ice Towers freeze for 5% longer and 5% more frequently. Obtainable upon completion of Glacier.

Dragon King
Dragon King*:

The Mighty Dragon King will soar across the skies of your city, protecting all who dwell within. (This will give the player a dragon king that flies over the city) Obtained from beating the Dragon Slayer special mission. (*Only obtainable during the Chinese new year event on the iOS platforms.)

Egg Scrambler**:

Scramble your emergency defenses. Triggers a free monkey boost once per game when you lose a life. Obtainable by getting the grand prize in the 2015 easter egg collecting event (**This was available during the Easter event on the iOS and Android platforms.)

Golden Egg Scrambler
Golden Egg Scrambler**:

Scramble your emergency defenses! Automatically pops the first non-MOAB bloon that escapes during a game and triggers a free monkey boost once per game! Obtainable by getting the grand prize in the 2016, 2017, or 2018 easter egg collecting event (**This was available during the Easter event on the iOS and Android platforms.), however you can only earn the Golden Egg Scrambler once.

(Unused/Unknown) Portal Artifact: An unknown item, only appears in early released BMC. It's not impossible to find it, and the only hint of it is the quest "Ancient Portal Knowledge", which says that it's lost and player needs to reassemble it. According to a developer blog on March 29th, 2019, assembling all 5 pieces were meant to lead into an "ultimate city", but it proved to bring some issues with the balance of the game, though NinjaKiwi has hinted that they may reuse the idea someday. It's unknown if it's still in game's files, as it was removed soon after official release.

Obtainable from Special MissionsEdit

Misson Item
Wattle Trees Enchanted Boomerang
Tranquil Glade Ninja Scroll
Sticky Sap Plant Extra Sticky Substance
ZZZZOMG Cuddly Bear
Glacier Shard of Everfrost



  • Magic Coin Purse and Epic Magic Coin Purse do stack extra starting cash bonuses. Thus, if a player has both of these Special Items, he/she can have an extra $250 starting cash ($50 + $200, respectively) free of cost for all future games.

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