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Special Agents Only

For Their Eyes Only! Using only Special Agents, beat the first 50 Rounds on Switch to win.
~ Official Description

Special Agents Only is a Special Mission in Bloons TD 5. It is unlocked at Rank 30 and reward 50,000 XP (gives 20,000 XP after every following completion) and AwesomeIcon40 upon completion. You have to complete the first 50 rounds in Switch on Hard Difficulty with only Special Agents to beat this mission. None are provided, making this a very costly special mission in terms of Monkey Money.


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  • This is the only special mission that gives XP as the reward instead of Monkey Money.
  • This mission is very risky, as if the player fails, they will lose all the Special Agents they used and maybe a whole load of Monkey Money.
  • Portable Lakes and Pontoons cannot be used in this mission, despite them being Special Agents.
    • This is due to the fact that there's no water, and the only Special Agents able to be placed in water are Tribal Turtles, which can also be placed on land, making both absolutely useless (unless they are pro).
  • Watermelon Spitters and Mad Snowmen cannot be used in this Special Mission, even though they are Special Agents.
  • Special Agents added after the Bloonsday Device aren't shown on the cover image because this mission was made before they were introduced.
  • The player still earns cash and has the normal starting cash although it is useless on this mission.