Special Agent Pros are permanent upgrades for Special Agents. A Special Agent can be upgraded to its pro version by placing that Special Agent a certain number of times. This update was released on April 19, 2012.

BTD5 AgentsEdit

The number of times placed to receive the pro upgrades (along with some information) are as follows:

  • Tribal Turtle turns to Tribal Turtle Pro: Using it 50 times
    • Ambidexerity allows the Tribal Turtle to throw spears and coconuts at the same time.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar85 × 50 = Monkey Dollar4250
  • Bloonsday Device turns to Bloonsday Device Pro: Using it 20 times
    • The Pro Bloonsday Device now has Plasmatic Fusion. Plasma appears wherever the orbital beam passes over, and the plasma can pop bloons before disappearing, similar to Road Spikes, the Spike Factory, and the Bloonberry Bush.
    • Cost (BTD5): Monkey Dollar250 × 20 = Monkey Dollar5000
  • Meerkat Spy turns to Meerkat Spy Pro: Using it 50 times
    • Cyber Eye allows the Meerkat Spy to shoot out a laser beam that pops 6 layers of Bloons, similar to the High-Energy Beacon for the Monkey Village.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar60 × 50 = Monkey Dollar3000
  • Bloonberry Bush turns to Bloonberry Bush Pro: Using it 50 times
    • Creepers are like miniature Bloonberry bushes; they appear every three rounds, and each Creeper can grow up to 15 thorns. Creepers can go a rather far distance from the Bush itself. Creepers disappear if they lose all their thorns.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar50 × 50 = Monkey Dollar2500
  • Beekeeper turns to Beekeeper Pro: Using it 40 times
    • The Beekeeper Swarm ability throws out many more bees at a much faster speed. Note that this is only an ability and the Pro Beekeeper acts similarly to the Beekeeper otherwise.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar120 × 40 = Monkey Dollar4800.
  • Angry Squirrel turns to Angry Squirrel Pro: Using it 50 times
    • Anger Mismanagement allows the Angry Squirrel to go berserk every 20 acorns. It turns purple when raging instead of green. Acorns thrown by this raging squirrel will pop 2 Bloons each.
      • Pro Upgrade For Bloonberry Bush
      • Double Storm Pro Upgrade
      • Pro Upgrade for the Tribal Turtle
      • Pro Upgrade for the Angry Squirrel
      • Pro Upgrade for Bloonsday Device
      • The Pro upgrade for the Meerkat Spy.
      • Pro Upgrade for Beekeeper
      • Beekeeper Swarm ability. Thanks to NK Admin Aaron for pic.
      • Bulletin Board Displaying Special Agent Pros.
      • Pro portable lake.
      • Mad snowman pro.
      • Watermelon Spitter Pro
      • All special agent pros.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar60 × 50 = Monkey Dollar3000
  • Super Monkey Storm turns into Super Monkey Storm Pro: Using it 50 times
    • The Double Storm sends out a second Super Monkey Storm two seconds after the original Super Monkey Storm has been used.
    • DISCLAIMER: When you unlock Pro on the Super Money Storm it will destroy all the towers on the track.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar50 × 50 = Monkey Dollar2500
  • Pontoon turns into Pontoon Pro: Using it 50 times.
    • The Pro version increases the range of the towers on it.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar40 × 50 = Monkey Dollar2000.
  • Portable Lake turns into Portable Lake Pro: Using it 50 times.

BTD5 Deluxe exclusive agentsEdit

  • Monkey Farmer Turns into Monkey Farmer Pro: Using it 50 times.
    • The Monkey Farmer Pro equips a banana cannon that will not only suck in the bananas, It will shoot out the peels from the bananas, slipping the Bloons further from the exit.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar40 × 50 = Monkey Dollar2000.
  • Watermelon Spitter Turns into Watermelon Spitter Pro: Using it 50 times.
    • The Watermelon Spitter Pro becomes a Gobstuffer! Eating seeds twice as fast doubling his attack speed! Every second shot is a whole watermelon popping frozen and lead Bloons.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar100 × 50 = Monkey Dollar5000.
  • Mad Snowman Turns into Mad Snowman Pro: Using it 50 times.
    • Snowman now lasts 20 rounds before melting, has a faster pop and freeze attack, and an Abominable Activated Ability that gives him turbo snowballs.
    • Cost: Monkey Dollar60 × 50 = Monkey Dollar3000. unlimited

BTD5 Mobile exclusive agentsEdit


  • On April 19, 2012, Special Agent Pros were added to the game.
  • On September 27, 2012, until October 1st, all Special Agents were pro, whether the player has achieved the pro for them or not.
  • On November 30, 2012, all Special Agents were pro until December 3rd.
  • (Bloons TD 5 Mobile) On May 31, 2013, all Special Agents were pro until June 3rd.


NOTE: You will unlock the Wizard Lord when you get all the Pros, see Wizard Lord in the special mission. (It will not take away towers) - Wizard Lord = 4-4 Wizard.

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