A Spawning Bloon is a Bloon that was first relased in Bloons 2. When popped, releases one of its different kinds. It orders Green-Pink-Yellow, yellow being last.

Note that the size of a green spawning bloon is the biggest. Yellow is the smallest. Pink is in the middle. Bloom bloons spawn other bloons as well.

  • Some Spawning Bloons with Bloom Bloons.
  • A Yellow Spawning Bloon.
  • A Green Spawning Bloon.
  • A Pink Spawning Bloon.
These bloons are curiously similar to the bloons in the BTD games, however the order would normally be Pink-Yellow-Green and so on. Also, it does not include blue or red.

In the Bloons 2 Editor, you cannot place yellow spawning bloons. This is because they have the same equivalent as a normal bloon. The bloons can also be placed in patterns. For example, a green bloon stem and pink bloon petals, and a blooming bloon in the middle. Then you have a flower!


  • The bees from a Bee Bloon will pop all layers of a spawning Bloon instantly.
    • This is similar, almost identical, to the Beekeeper in BTD5 , in that the bees will pop all layers of the bloons, however not instantly.
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