These majestic Space Lards will orbit their mother, popping bloons as they go.
~ BATTD description

Space lards is an exclusive Martian trade Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. His attacks are similar to the Radadactyl from BTD5 Mobile. He can only be bought in the Martian Games Shop whenever he is available to purchase on certain special biweekly sales, where he can be purchased for Crystals10,000. He can be equipped to Finn, Dungeon Finn, Jake, Tuxedo Jake, Max, Juggernaut Max, Princess Bubblegum, Warrior Bubblegum, Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie, SuperMonkey, C4 Charlie.

Properties[edit | edit source]


Low cost, high pierce


Low damage

  • Cost: $330
  • Attack speed: 1
  • Damage: 1
  • Damage type: Sharp
  • Range: 1
  • Pierce: 20

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Astral Majesty ($210) - Increased cosmic power allows the Space Lards to pop more bloons each
    • Cosmic Birth ($400) - Increases the maximum number of Space Lards
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