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These majestic Space Lards will orbit their mother, popping bloons as they go.
~ BATTD description
Orbiting, bloon popping Space Lards
~ Short description

Space Lards is an exclusive Martian trade Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. Their attacks are similar to the Radadactyl from BTD5 Mobile. They can only be bought in the Martian Trader whenever they are available to purchase on certain special biweekly sales, where they can be purchased for Crystals10,000. They can be equipped to Princess Bubblegum, Warrior Bubblegum, Supermonkey, Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie, C4 Charlie, Max, Juggernaut Max, Finn, Dungeon Finn, Jake, and Tuxedo Jake.


The Space Lards are a species of lards that are a cyan eliptical creatures, they have a beady lump on the top of their head with a similar nose that has a few hairs, 4 space lards orbit their mother and increases the number by 2 via upgrades.


  • Low cost, high pierce
  • Low damage

The Space Lard summons one space lard that orbits around the base tower once in every round. They are able to pop 20 bloons before disappearing and cannot hit the same bloon again.


Icon upgrade pierce
Astral Majesty
COST: $210
Description: Increased cosmic power allows the Space Lards to pop more bloons each
Effect: +30 pierce
Icon upgrade special
Cosmic Birth
COST: $400
Upgrade(s) Required:
Astral Majesty
Description: Increases the maximum number of Space Lards
Effect: +2 Space Lard capacity,


The Space Lards do not do an effective job in attacking because of it’s slow speed, the revolving lards will have to rotate at the precise time it hits a bloon. Another disadvantage is it’s pierce, although 30 pierce is high (fully upgraded), if the pierce is already used, lards will disappear until the next round. Take note that space lards will disappear whenever they interact with a Lead Bloon, furthermore evaluating the point that the Space Lard is useless.

to reach its potential, place the Space Lards near the ending point of the map, by doing so it can give more time to create more lards to give them more pierce, and the guaranteed option to always never miss bloons. It is also recommended to place them in a curved path, it gives more potential as the path may follow along with the lards direction rather than straight paths.

As mentioned before with its description, the Space Lards are able to hit a bloon only once, this includes MOAB-Class Bloons so take note that they aren’t well effective in fighting off multiple times, as well as MOABs.


The Space Lards are considered as one of the worst allies in the game, Do not spend your Martian Crystals on this ally unless you are willing to collect it, likewise it should not be equipped to anyone regardless of limited strong ally potential, or willing to be an effective attacker.



  • Space Lards are shown to have two beady eyes in their portrait, while the in game tower itself is their mother which have four realistically detailed eyes.
  • Among the Martian-exclusive Allies, Space Lards is the cheapest to purchase.
  • This is the only ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD with the smallest range with only 1 range.
  • Lemonhope’s boost will not make the Space Lards orbit their mother faster.
  • Despite appearing to be floating, they cannot be placed on water.