A rare stone that contains an actual living soul that grants you 1 free upgrade!
~ BATTD description

The Soul Stone is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.

Description[edit | edit source]


Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Speed: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Damage: N/A
  • Pierce: N/A

Special Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Gives a 10% discount to upgrades
  • Equipped character starts with their cheapest upgrade already purchased.

Shard for: 1000

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Soul Stone is a highly valuable trinket for any player, as it provides a valuable asset in almost every setting it can appear in: automatic purchase of the cheapest upgrade a character can own for free. While on the surface this is relatively simple, use of it can become very technical if used in certain situations.

With the addition of a free upgrade based on the lowest price of all starting upgrades, characters like Supermonkey will effectively become $600 cheaper, making the Soul Stone an effective price chopper if applied properly or, if multiple are obtained, liberally to the most cost-heavy characters. When applied to a character that has two upgrades that are both the cheapest upgrades, such as Finn (with Swordplayer and Limber Limbs, both costing $150), there is a chance for either upgrade to be automatically bought but not both.and effective goal.

Besides being a huge cash saver, the Soul Stone can also help to re-establish a character with a free starting upgrade if they were sold for any reason or if the player is in dire need of extra fire power. Though the degree of extra popping power based on this upgrade depends heavily on the character it is equipped to, it can still be a help to have the character and a free upgrade rather than just the character themselves.

For reference, the following table will outline the upgrade(s) that will be purchased for free by the Soul Stone upon placing the equipped character:

Character Upgrade(s) Cost
Finn Limber Limbs, Swordplayer $150
Dungeon Finn Shield Bash $200
Jake Axe Foot $300
Tuxedo Jake Turn It Up! $500
Max Long Range $150
Juggernaut Max Tightened Springs $100
Princess Bubblegum Gun Familiarity $250
Warrior Bubblegum Combat Training $150
Captain Cassie Long Cannon $200
Commander Cassie Sonar Array $500
Marceline Bass Expert, Improved Flight $400
Hunter Marcy Garlic Bomb $225
C4 Charlie Long Range Bombs $250
Supermonkey Super Range $600
Sai Longer Range $250
Flame Princess Hungry Flames $230
Ice King Crown Influence $300
Sam Magic Reach $300

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Soul Stone has made appearance in Halloween 2018's Hall-O-Ween event as the 25 Zeezy Things prize.
  • The Soul Stone is based on the item in the Adventure Time series of the same name.
  • Out of all the characters, only two, Finn and Marceline, have the random selection component of the Soul Stone's ability.
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