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Dr. Monkey unlocks the power of self-cycling doom energy - a devastating beam of bloon-vaporizing awesomeness
~ Upgrade Description in Bloons Super Monkey 2

Solid Doom is the sixth tier upgrade in the Tech Core upgrade path in Bloons Super Monkey 2. It shoots 5 spread shots of pure "Doom Energy" every frame. This upgrade is very powerful, but it is still useless against Glass Bloons unless research is conducted. It costs Blop Cash Icon23500(Flash) or Blop Cash Icon470000(Mobile). The 5 shots are the same as Doom Burst, only fired much faster.


  • The description, name and image depict the upgrade as a Solid Beam like the Ray of Doom. Despite this, it is similar to Doom Burst, albeit shooting faster.
  • Solid Doom is the most expensive upgrade before Sidekick.
  • Using this upgrade with Spikey Shots in both arms is a very good combination, achieving Glass Bloon poppage.
  • Solid Doom is similar to Death Ray Vision from Bloons Super Monkey 1.