Snow Terrain is a type of terrain in Bloons Monkey City. Tracks that belong to this type of terrain favor the Ice Monkey, but restrict the Dart Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Dartling Gun, and Engineer.

Typical FeaturesEdit

  • All except for the fifth track have one-entry-one-exit paths.
  • No water whatsoever.
  • Some open space.
  • Lots of curves and corners.
  • Usually far from the center of the map, found along with Glacier
  • There may be no snow tiles on any given city.


Note: the names given are the official names given by Ninja Kiwi fans. Difficulty ratings are based on the track itself, these ratings may differ based on City Level and Tile Difficulty. (These difficulties are in the game code, used for determining Tile difficulty.

My Tracks' sequences for presenting tracks varies between versions of the game.

See also: Tracks (BMC)




Snow StairsEdit


On this map, there are a few snowy hills among the snowy ground, along with a few green trees that block placement of towers. Bloons start from the left entrance and leave through the right exit. It bears somewhat resemblance to the Hourglass track from Desert Terrain.


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