Standard uniform for all snipers that increases range. It looks particularly sharp when worn by a monkey.
~ BATTD description
Sniper Beret

Sniper Beret card (prior to Version 1.5)

Sniper Beret is a Common Trinket. It grants the character +1 (?) extra range or +3.5 (?) range (+2.5 (?) extra range) if equipped to a monkey (Max, Captain Cassie, Sai, ...). It can be equipped to any character except Ice King.


Sniper Beret is an unupgraded Sniper Monkey's beret.

Version HistoryEdit


Change balloon Range boosts are now modified to become additive rather than multiplicative.


Nerf Sniper Beret can no longer be equipped to Ice King.


  • Prior to Version 1.4.1, the character would be granted 2% extra range or 7% extra range for monkeys.
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