Sniper Monkeys target bloons anywhere on the screen, which helps them catch runaways or start whitling [sic] down bigger bloons. Build a Sniper's Recluse to recruit a Sniper Monkey
~ "Target Acquired" Quest description
Sniper's Recluse

A Sniper's Recluse that has one tier-4 upgrade unlocked

Sniper's Recluse is a Unit Building that unlocks the Sniper Monkey. Each one adds 1 Sniper Monkey to the Sniper Monkey population. Each one costs City cash200 to build, takes 5 minutes to build, and gives 100XP upon completion. Each one consumes Lightning thing-08 and takes up a 1x1 tile space.


An unupgraded Sniper Monkey will walk around the streets of the player's city in Bloons Monkey City Mobile.

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