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For the tower, see Sniper Monkey.

Sniper Monkey sniping off a Pink Bloon into a Green Bloon

Snipe is an attack behavior characterized by the usage of a hitscan attack instead of any physical projectile. It is part of the damage types family. All Sniper Monkeys have this, due to the bullet-like nature of Snipe. Most towers with Snipe also have Impact Impact, except Bouncing Bullet until Version 27.0, where it would now constitute as multiple Impacts instead.

Snipe is represented on Bloons Wiki as Snipe, the upgrade artwork for Large Calibre in Bloons TD 6, which depicts a target reticle locked into multiple layers of a Zebra Bloon. Attacks with Snipe also tend to have Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage) in combination, due to the nature of bullet-like behavior. In the case of towers with Snipe Snipe and more than one Impact Impact, as is the case for Bouncing Bullet, the Snipe aspect affects the initial attack and any other attack behaviors will follow afterwards.

Typical examples of Snipe are Sniper Monkey bullets and COBRA bullets. For Heroes, Admiral Brickell's pistol and Captain Churchill's machine gun do this too. Ezili and Psi's main attack also have the Snipe attack behavior.

Because they do not involve projectiles, Snipe attacks can ignore Vortex's wind shield that triggers every skull. Towers with Snipe attacks can damage Vortex even when the wind shield is active.

Most attacks do not have this property, as they are normally associated with Sniper Monkeys.

List List of towers that do Snipe in BTD:[]