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Slowdown is a status effect characterized as slowing down bloons so that they are moving less than 100% but more than 0% their normal speed. It is part of the damage types family. It was introduced in Bloons TD 4 with the introduction of the Glue Gunner.

Slowdown is represented on the Bloons Wiki as Slowdown (unspecified slowdown variant), the upgrade icon for Sticker Glue, as makes the bloons slowdown for longer and emphasize its ability to slowdown bloons as long as possible. There is a blimp slowdown variant called Slowdown MOAB Slowdown (blimps, unspecified slowdown variant), the upgrade icon for MOAB Glue, because it clearly looks like a MOAB affected by a slowdown. The Slowdown MOAB Slowdown (blimps, unspecified slowdown variant) damage type icon is used as a tag for slowing down MOAB-class bloons. Super Glue has a special variant called Slowdown Stuck Slowdown (100% slowdown, unspecified slowdown variant) because it acts like a stun but isn't a true Stun Stun (standard bloons, unspecified alt effect variant).

It is a core element of Glue Gunner because they get this status effect by default.

Slowing M.O.A.B-class bloons through upgrades like MOAB Shove and Knockback (the upgrade) does not count since as soon as that attack stops connecting, the blimp will return to normal speed which is unlike slowdown, which will always slow down Blimps regardless if it is being attacked or not. MOAB Shove belongs in Knockback Knockback (unspecified knockback variant) (the damage type). Stunning the bloon is also not an example of slowdown, as that fully prevents a bloon from moving at all and belong in the damage type Stun Stun (standard bloons, unspecified alt effect variant).

It has subset that is Sabotage Sabotage (unspecified slowdown variant), which describes an attack slowing all bloons on the screen.

Also has subset called Permafrost Permafrost (unspecified detail of slowdown), which describes an attack that permanently slows the top layer of a bloon, but is removed once that layer is popped.

Glue Gunners are the only towers that give the Slowdown Slowdown (unspecified slowdown variant) status effect without upgrades or support.

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