The bloons will wish they had never come.
~ Official description

Sky Shredder is the final upgrade in Path 1 for the Monkey Ace in BTD6. It is a much more powerful version of Operation: Dart Storm. It blasts out 32 much faster darts twice as fast as the previous upgrade, each dart dealing 3 damage with 8 pierce, and +2 damage against Ceramics. Its missiles originally from the Path 1, Tier-3 upgrade, Fighter Plane, do extremely high damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons, dealing 150 damage per missile with two missiles, enough to destroy the outer layer of a M.O.A.B in the earlier rounds. Additionally, all Sky Shredder attacks can pop all bloons, including Camo, Lead and Black Bloons. It costs $34,000 on Easy, $40,000 on Medium, $43,200 on Hard, and $48,000 on Impoppable.


  • As the Sky Shredder already has in-built camo detection, it is better off going for a 5-0-1 Sky Shredder, as Exploding Pineapples deals very little extra damage compared to extra +3 pierce from Sharper Darts. Centered Path rarely is useful for the Sky Shredder, as most of its popping power comes from puncturing bloons at the center of the map rather than around the center of the map.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Sky Shredder darts deal more damage (2 —> 3)


Buff Sky Shredder ceramic damage bonus added +2



  • The artwork for the Sky Shredder implies that all the darts are shot forward, yet in-game they are shot out in a circle formation.
  • This is the only upgrade that increases the damage of the Anti-M.O.A.B missiles, as Operation: Dart Storm only increases the rate and the amount of darts fired.
  • On the map Firing Range, a Sky Shredder drops a Ground Zero bomb on the tower if the player removes the tower.
  • The plane for this upgrade is based on the XB-70 Valkyrie, a strategic bomber plane that can move at Mach 3, the fastest of its class.
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