Camo Bloons popped by this tower permanently lose their camo status, and can be attacked by towers without camo detection.
~ Official Description

Signal Flare is the third upgrade on the second path for the Mortar Tower in Bloons TD 5. It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable. In Bloons Monkey City, it costs $750 normally and about $640 when favored. It allows the Mortar Tower to detect and attack Camo Bloons. In Bloons TD 5, the Mortar Tower cannot target Camos without this upgrade. When a bloon is struck by this upgrade, the bloon looses it's camo status and becomes a regular allowing all towers to freely attack it. In Bloons Monkey City, a perk from the Mortar Monkey's knowledge pack allows this upgrade to both drop the camo and regen property off bloons.

In BTD6, this upgrade returns, but it now cannot remove camo from Black Bloons, Zebra Bloons, or DDTs without Monkey Intelligence Bureau or Level 9+ Striker Jones. It costs $700 on Medium.


Signal Flare can strip off camo from dangerous Bloons, such as Camo Rainbow Bloons and Camo Ceramic Bloons.

Version History (BTD6)Edit

  • Buff Attack speed without Path 2 upgrades increased (2.2s --> 2.0s)
  • Buff Attack speed with Faster Reload increased (1.54s --> 1.5s)
  • Nerf Attack speed with Rapid Reload decreased (1.07s --> 1.23s)

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)Edit


Nerf Signal Flare price increased ($500 → $700).


Buff Signal Flare price decreased ($700 → $550).


Nerf Signal Flare price increased ($550 → $750).



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