Whirlpools took this ship down but they'll also drown bloons. Click on whirlpools to activate them, and use them to survive an attack of advanced bloons.
~ Special Mission Rules

Shipwreck is a Special Mission in Bloons Monkey City. In this mission, every tower except the Monkey Buccaneer costs double their original price. Players must defend against 22 rounds (24 rounds in Bloon Dunes) of stepped up Bloons (Round Ramp). There are four whirlpools located inside looped parts of the track. The whirlpools can pop all types of bloons with an activated ability which acts like a normal Bloonchipper. Players earn $6000 and 500 XP upon completion, along with BloonstoneIcon50 (with an extra 25 if no lives are lost, 2 if no lives lost on mobile).


See Shipwreck/Strategies


  • The cooldown time for the whirlpool ability is 55 seconds.
  • This is one of the very few water tiles that Ninja Monkeys and Bomb Shooters can be used on, the other being Submarine Alliance.
  • There is an error in the whirlpool, when selected, it will say 'Whirpool' instead of 'Whirlpool'.
  • Interestedly, the Monkey Sub is also doubled in price. One logical way of explaining this is that boats such as those Buccaneers use are easier forms of travel to the shipwreck site than does non-boat forms of transport, including submarines.


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