Dark magic reveals location of all nearby Camo Bloons permanently.
~ BTD6 description

BTD6 official artwork

Shimmer is the third upgrade of Path 3 in BTD6 for the Wizard Monkey. It produces a series of large blasts around its radius that reveal Camo Bloons permanently. Each blast of Shimmer reveals up to 200 Camo Bloons at once.

Strategies & Tips

  • The best placement of Shimmer is to place it around a corner where the most amount of bloons meet around.
  • Shimmer can also be used to remove camo from Camo Leads without popping them themselves unless Path 2 upgrades are bought. This can be useful when combined with a Lead to Gold Alchemist.
  • Note that Shimmer has a delay on the decamoisation, which is very notable for Camo Pinks and D.D.T.s



  • Before the Version 3.0 update, this upgrade did not have a period at the end of its description in BTD6, being the only instance of this occurrence.

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