Dark magic reveals location of all nearby Camo Bloons permanently.
~ BTD6 description

BTD6 official artwork

Shimmer is the third upgrade of Path 3 in BTD6 for the Wizard Monkey. It produces a series of large blasts every 2.0s around its radius that reveal Camo Bloons permanently. Each blast of Shimmer reveals up to 200 Camo Bloons at once, but like Cleansing Foam each shimmer blast can be consumed by non-camo bloons too.

It costs $1,445 on Easy, $1,700 on Medium, $1,835 on Hard, $2,040 on Impoppable.



Shimmer is a rather expensive form of decamo compared to alternate options such as Submerge and Support, Counter-Espionage, or Signal Flare, but its key advantage is providing suitable decamo against Camo Leads on land spots without popping the Camo Leads itself.


  • The best placement of Shimmer is to place it around a corner where the most amount of bloons meet around.
  • Shimmer can also be used to remove camo from Camo Leads without popping them themselves unless Path 2 upgrades are bought. This can be useful when combined with a Lead to Gold Alchemist.
  • Note that Shimmer has a delay on the decamoisation, which is very notable for Camo Pinks and D.D.T.s
  • Shimmer is the most reliable method of removing Camo on land (as opposed to seeing through it with a Radar Scanner). Both Signal Flare and Embrittlement have slow attacks that can allow bloons to leak, and Counter-Espionage tends not have enough pierce. This is very useful when doing high-level challenges without Monkey Villages.
  • An Archmage will automatically gain Shimmer, which is useful for de-camoing DDTs.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Shimmer cost decreased ($1800 --> $1700)



  • Before the Version 3.0 update, this upgrade did not have a full stop at the end of its description in BTD6, being the only instance of this occurrence.
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