Can pop 1 extra Bloon per shot.
~ BTD6/BTD5 Description

Sharp Shots is the first upgrade in path 2 of the Dart Monkey in BTD5 and the first upgrade in path 1 in BTD6. This upgrade allows the Dart Monkey to pop 2 bloons with a single dart, as opposed to popping one per dart. In BTD6, the Dart Monkey has an initial pierce of 2 (3 with Monkey Knowledge), therefore this upgrade increases the amount of bloons popped to 3 (4 with Monkey Knowledge) per dart.

We need a transparent picture if the bloons mobile artwork sharp shots upgrade, please, Qwerty.

Cost: $120 (Easy), $140 (Med), $150 (Hard), $170 (Impoppable)

In BTD4 and earlier, the upgrade is called Piercing Darts.

In BTD5, a green band is worn on the forehead of the Dart Monkey.

In BTD6, the green band is near the end of the tail, instead of on the head. The Quick Shots upgrade has the headband instead. The upgrade can be bought for 100 XP.


In BTD5, the Dart Monkey simply receives a green headband. The icon for this depicts the green-banded Dart Monkey holding two darts with shining marks surrounding them.

In BTD6, the Dart Monkey receives a green tailband instead to a headband. The icon depicts a dart with shining marks on it.

  • Sharp Shots official BMC artwork.
  • A Dart Monkey with the Sharp shots upgrade.
  • The Sharp shots upgrade.
  • Sharp Shots icon in BTD5
  • BTD6 artwork
  • Sharp Shots artwork (better quality)
  • Official BTD Artwork Sharp Shots.png Official BTDB artwork
  • Crosspathing in BTD6 (Top: Path 2, Bottom: Path 3)
  • Official BTD6 upgrade icon
  • Instamonkey icon for Sharp Shots
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