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Sharp Shooter attacks faster and does powerful Crit shots every few shots that do a lot more damage.
~ BTD6 Description

Sharp Shooter is the fourth upgrade of Path 3 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It increases the damage of Sharp Shooter arrows from 3 to 6, increases projectile speed, attacks every 0.75s instead of every 0.95s, and every 8-12 shots (with equal chance for any per-shot numbers between this range, inclusive, every 10 shots on average) it shoots deadly critical arrows that deal 50 damage each. Each arrow has 3 pierce (4 with Sharp Shots or 6 with Razor Sharp Shots), like its previous upgrade Crossbow.

Critical arrows are distinguished by their red-orange trail.

It costs $1,700 on Easy, $2,000 on Medium, $2,160 on Hard, and $2,400 on Impoppable.


The Sharp Shooter upgrade changes the original crossbow design to a more advanced design. This upgrade also gives the Dart Monkey black boots and a black cover for its tail.

This upgrade allows the Dart Monkey to shoot stronger arrows that can pop up to 6 layers, move faster through the air, and fires arrows faster. It also allows the Dart Monkey to shoot arrows that deal critical damage (50 damage). In this way, the Sharp Shooter can pop an entire Ceramic Bloon in a single shot with a single critical arrow.

Sharp Shooter will shoot a critical damage arrow once every 8-12 shots, and each critical damage arrow is denoted by an orange aura at the back of the arrow and the orange word "CRIT" above bloons struck by them. The frequency of critical damage arrows is determined by a pre-determined count for the number of per-shots made, with a plus-or-minus of 2 from the pre-determined crit frequency average, for an average of every 10th shot.



Sharp Shooter serves as an alright early-midgame tower, but it faces a lot of competition. Sharp Shooter can miss its shots and its crits can be inconsistent. In addition, its low pierce means that it can at times struggle to deal with the children leftover after a higher-tier Bloon is popped.


  • This upgrade can be useful for chipping away at Zebra, Rainbow and Ceramic Bloons while easily eliminating anything below them.
  • It can also be effective against the MOAB on Round 40, being able to deal large amounts of damage through its Crit Shots, although this can be difficult to utilize.
  • Due to its low pierce, it is best to pair it with a tower with some minor cleanup to help deal with weaker bloons that get past it.
  • While the Sharp Shooter already attacks faster by default, the 0-2-4 crosspath is still generally the better option for Sharp Shooter for further increased attack speed. Extra pierce can be received from external sources such as Alchemist buffs and Primary Training, and passive upgrades through Monkey Knowledge such as the Extra Dart Pops.

Version History[]

Sharp Shooter has been buffed overall, with a majority of these changes being base damage buffs and attack speed buffs. The majority of these changes were added to make it more cost-effective as a mid-game tower.
  • Buff Sharp Shooter now deals more damage per shot (4 → 5).
  • Buff Sharp Shooter now deals more damage per shot (5 → 6)
Dart Monkey at its core is an early game focus tower, so we added some projectile speed options to try and help with its tendency to miss faster Bloons. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Sharp Shooter projectile speed increased from 300 -> 400. Crossbow Master remains at 450 speed.
We're happy enough with most of Dart Monkey's bottom path, but the T4 stepping stone has always felt pretty undesirable for the price point compared to T3 so we have just increased the attack rate slightly at tier 4
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Sharp Shooter attack speed increased (0.95s → 0.85s). Does not affect Crossbow Master.
While we're happy with Dart Monkey being a more niche or early use tower, [...] , and we've tweaked sharpshooter slightly to provide similar power but with more of a speed focus to enable more distinct crosspath choice between speed and pierce.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Sharp Shooter attack rate increased (0.85s → 0.75s)
  • Nerf Sharp Shooter damage reduced (6 → 5)
The previous sharpshooter rework caused more trouble than intended in setups without much other cleanup by popping Black Bloons into large clusters of reds which then clogged up the pierce. We decided to keep the buffed attack speed value as well as adding back the stronger damage value.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Reverted damage nerf (5 → 6)


Official artwork[]


  • It is possible to win with up to 44 Sharp Shooters on CHIMPS, as shown here.
  • Sharp Shooter in-game always keeps its eyes open, while in the upgrade portrait the monkey is partially closing its eyes. The act done on the upgrade portrait may just be a pose for making accurate shots.
  • Oddly, even though the upgrade portrait shows a black tail, the in-game model's tail is totally nude, and the same colour as the regular fur. This is likely for the sake of the crosspath models.