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For the projectile via an upgrade in BTD5 and later, see Ice Shards.

If you have items that you don't want to keep you can shard them. Shards are used to craft new wish orbs.

However, sharding an item can't be undone so think carefully before doing so.

~ Cuber's introduction to sharding items when player has the option to shard items for the first time
Shard battd


Shards is a currency in Bloons Adventure Time TD that allows extra Wish Orbs to be bought. It can be obtained by sharding (converting something into shards) Trinkets, Allies and Weapons.

Wish Orb Creator[]


When you have enough shards you can craft a wish orb. Higher rarity orbs require more shards to craft.

When you are ready to create an orb simply select it and hit the craft button.

~ Cuber's introduction to wish orb crafting when player opens the Wish Orb Creator for the first time

Wish Orb Creator is a menu that let player create wish orbs by trading shards obtained

Wish Orb Price (shards)
Common Shard50
Uncommon Shard150


Super Rare Shard1500
Epic Shard3500

Obtaining Shard[]


Shard can be obtained by sharding items like Trinkets, Allies and Weapons. Version 1.3.3 update allows player to shard obtained wish orb directly without opening them. Shards obtain through sharding gives a specific shard based on the rarety of the item.

Shard obtained through Sharding

  • Epic : Shard1000
  • Super Rare : Shard300
  • Rare: Shard100
  • Uncommon : Shard25
  • common : Shard10

Bloon Beacon Chest[]

Other method of obtainig shards are through chests obtain when playing Bloon Beacon level. The level reset every 4 hours and can be speed up with gems. Shards obtained varies among difficulty at around 10~100 shards per game via Bloon beacon chest.

In App-Purchase[]

A premium way to obtain shard is via purchasing with real-world currency. Price may vary in other regions.

Shard Price
Shard200 0.99 USD
Shard1200 4.99 USD
Shard6000 19.99 USD