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For the level in Bloons, see Shapes.
Dive into the datascape with an all new map: Shapes! Send your code monkeys into battle among the geometric artifacts and techo-funky tunnels. You'll need plenty of strategy and skill to output a win on this one!
~ Bloons TD Battles Update 6.5 Patch Notes

Shapes is a track in Bloons TD Battles Mobile, released in Version 6.5.0. It has a neon theme.


The track takes place in a neon landscape that is most likely located in cyberspace due to the programming references in the 6.5.0 update's description. The track has neon paths outlined, with one short tunnel about halfway through it.

There are two outlined neon paths: the blue path and the pink path. The blue path goes through the whole track and is straightforward, while the pink path is only used to outline shapes, hence the name. These shapes include: a circle, a triangle, a square, and a hexagon.

All Bloons enter from the top-most blue path and exit from the bottom-most blue path. Natural Bloons will follow the blue paths until the pink paths cross them, which then Bloons will follow each pink-outlined shape. Sent Bloons, however, will follow only the blue paths, ignoring the pink shapes. The path for natural Bloons is much longer than that for sent Bloon, which makes it harder to defend against the Bloons your opponent sends, as they can get to the exit much faster.


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  • Shapes has various different shapes.