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A new player fighting against the Sergeant Monkey.

Sergeant Monkey is a computer-controlled opponent the new player challenges in the Tutorial of Bloons TD Battles Mobile. The new player goes to the tutorial first even when they press the "Quick Play" button.

Attack Pattern[]

  • First, Sergeant Monkey will add a 0/0 Tack Shooter in a corner of the leftmost track.
  • They[1] will wait until a few rounds to get two 2/2 Dart Monkeys and two 0/2 Bomb Towers.
  • Because they don't get Frag Bombs, the Black Bloons that the player are forced to send will most likely leak all of their lives.
  • It is possible for them to survive the black bloons. If they do, they will later build a 2/0 Sniper Monkey, another 0/2 bomb tower, and another 2/0 tack shooter.
  • Afterwards, they will send one pack of camo pinks. The player should defeat it because the player has to use battle energy. The camo pinks the player has to send should leak all of their lives if not most.


  • Sergeant Monkey is not shown in the game, and therefore they currently do not have a visual appearance.
  • They have 50 lives instead of the usual 150 lives. This makes them requiring less bloon leaks to lose.


  1. The tutorial transcript refers to Sergeant Monkey with singular "they" pronouns.