Allows Sniper to take multiple shots and attack 3x as fast.
~ BTD5 Description

BTD6 official artwork

Semi-Automatic Rifle is the 3rd upgrade of the 2nd path for the Sniper Monkey in BTD5. This upgrade allows the monkey to fire three times as fast. It is most effective when combined with Point Five-Oh, popping up to 21 layers of bloons every three shots, thus damaging M.O.A.B. Class Bloons three times as fast too. In BTD5, it costs $2975 (Easy), $3500 (Medium), $3780 (Hard), $4200 (Impoppable).

In BTD6, this upgrade makes a return, but under the new name Semi Automatic. However, it is now no longer possible to purchase both Full Metal Jacket/Large Calibre and Night Vision Goggles at the same time. Overall, compared to BTD5's Semi-Automatic Rifle, it shoots considerably faster; it shoots 3x faster than Even Faster Firing, equating to ~7.7x faster than a normal Sniper. It costs $2975 on Easy, $3500 on Medium, $3780 on Hard, and $4200 on Impoppable.



  • This upgrade when combined with Large Calibre is good accurate DPS at MOAB-class bloons.



  • Although the upgrade name suggests that the sniper rifle becomes semi-automatic, the monkey still operates the bolt to re-chamber.



  • In BTD6, the Semi-Automatic Rifle upgrade icon features two large magazines of long pointed high-caliber bullets. In contrast, in BTD5, the upgrade icon features three darts zooming past in sequence.
  • Semi-Automatic Rifle gains a pair of earmuffs instead of a new black metal helmet.

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