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Heroes earn XP 10% faster.
~ In-game description

Self Taught Heroes is a Heroes Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. While this MK is active, heroes gain +10% XP per round. To unlock, it requires three heroes knowledge points invested and Scholarships to be unlocked.



Allowing heroes to naturally level up faster is helpful for them to reach their necessary levels sooner. Very useful in circumstances where certain upgrades need to be unlocked sooner, which also means manual purchasing of some essential upgrades can cost overall less too, or if needing maxed level hero a few rounds earlier.


  • Most useful on slow-leveling heroes like Captain Churchill or Adora, but also useful for Benjamin too to gain essential benefits such as Skimming or Cyber Security sooner.
  • Adding this MK will make manually leveling Quincy for lead-popping by Round 28 substantially less costly, especially on Beginner Maps where heroes level up slower. This is also in combination with the earlier Scholarships MK that reduces manual leveling up by 10%.