Infuses bloon hatred into the weapons themselves - they will seek out and pop bloons automatically.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description

Seeking Shuriken icon


Official BTD6 artwork

Seeking Shuriken is the first upgrade of the second path for the Ninja Monkey. It costs $215 (Easy), $250 (Medium), $270 (Hard), $300 (Impoppable). With this upgrade, shurikens will home in on bloons and can hit (not aim for) bloons that are out of the Ninja Monkey's range. The upgrade allows to seek out bloons like Neva-Miss Targeting. In BTD5, the Ninja's outfit turns black and it obtains a white bandana. The BTD5 official artwork consists of a shuriken penetrating a Yellow Bloon.

In BTD6, this upgrade returns as the first upgrade of Path 3.


  • The shurikens target the closest bloon, rather than the ones targeted by the tower, so occasionally the shuriken will move away from the bloons you wish to pop.



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