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Seeking is an attack behavior characterized by a projectile following a moving bloon so that it can hit more often. it is part of the damage types family.

Seeking is represented on Bloons Wiki as Seeking, the upgrade icon for Guided Magic in Bloons TD 6, which depicts a magical bolt bouncing in multiple directions, presumably hitting multiple moving bloons. Unlike other subsets, the only difference to Seeking subsets is the varying strengths of the seeking and not the how the seeking itself is done.

The forms of Seeking are:

Seeking Strength[]

Classifying the seeking strength is somewhat subjective, because it depends on both the projectile speed and angular speed.

The seeking radius of a projectile is defined as the radius of the smallest circle that a projectile can follow. It is calculated from the linear speed, s, and angular speed, a, as radius = (s / a) * (180 / pi). A smaller radius suggests stronger seeking. However, the speeds themselves also affect how effective the seeking is in practice; for example, a slow projectile will struggle to hit faster bloons, despite its seeking.

Here, we will identify the strength based entirely on the seeking radius for simplicity:

  • Aggressive: no radius at all. The projectile can face any target within a single frame, because its angular speed is effectively infinite (at least 3600 degrees per second).
  • Moderate: seeking radius up to 50 units.
  • Weak: seeking radius from 50 to 200 units.
  • Very Weak: seeking radius over 200. This includes any projectile that cannot make a full turn without going off screen.

The following table shows the relevant values for all attacks with seeking behaviour:

Tower Attack Linear speed Angular speed Seeking radius Classification
Benjamin Trojan 200 Infinite None Aggressive
Seeking Shuriken Ninja Shuriken 300 Infinite None Aggressive
Obyn Spirit 130 360 20.69 Moderate
Sub Dart 170 360 27.06 Moderate
Striker Jones Concussive 180 360 28.65 Moderate
Apache Dartship Rocket 135 250 30.94 Moderate
Guided Magic Wizard (100) Magic bolt 200 360 31.83 Moderate
UCAV Missile 200 360 31.83 Moderate
Sun Temple Arcane blast 400 620 36.97 Moderate
Mini-Comanche Rocket 270 360 42.97 Moderate
Sun Temple Gold missile 270 360 42.97 Moderate
Inferno Ring Meteor 100 130 44.07 Moderate
Goliath Doomship Seeking dart 150 160 53.71 Weak
Mini-Plane MOAB-missile 25 25 57.30 Weak
Fighter Plane MOAB-missile 25 25 57.30 Weak
Guided Magic Wizard (101) Magic bolt 400 360 63.66 Weak
Neva-Miss Targeting Ace Dart 180 160 64.46 Weak
MOAB Assassin Assassin 500 360 79.58 Weak
Spectre Dart 400 180 127.32 Weak
Goliath Doomship Red dart 350 90 222.82 Very weak
Spectre Bomb 300 45 381.97 Very weak

History of Seeking in BTD5[]