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Scorched Earth is an Advanced Track that made its debut in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.


Scorched Earth seems to be a magic ring that is incomplete, with some symbols around it, and the six symbols at the top are glowing blue. The bloons take one of three ways into the middle, then go out of the down left path, (bloon perspective) around the middle 180 degrees, and exit by the down left path (still bloon perspective). It is hard to see which bloon is which if there are same kind of bloons that comes in a large amount as they will start crossing each other. There is no water.


Main article: Scorched Earth/Strategies


  • Tack Shooters and Ice Towers are very useful near the middle as the bloons take the most time there.
  • Check the glyphs on the top part of the track. It tells you where the bloons will enter and exit.
  • The 3rd upgrade of the Mortar Emplacement is very useful in this track, especially when it is upgraded to 2/4.


Name Awesome Points Image
Scorched Earth Bronze AwesomeIcon.png10 Scorched Earth Bronze.png
Scorched Earth Silver AwesomeIcon.png25 Scorched Earth Silver.png
Scorched Earth Gold AwesomeIcon.png50 Scorched Earth Gold.png


Monkey Money Rewards
Monkey-Money.png Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
First Time $225
Completed $45

Token Rewards
Easy Medium Hard
Token.png 3 Token.png 4 Token.png 5


  • It looks like Bloontonium Lab, with three entrances and exits.
  • This track is one of few that don't change at all in Reverse Mode more than it´s mirrored.
  • When a Sniper hits a bloon on its track that spawns multiple children before they appear, the bloons can take multiple paths, much like Castle.