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  • Dart + Sniper Start works for CHIMPS, albeit difficult to pull off.
  • Infinite range towers, like Psi and Sniper, are great towers for any stage of the game.
  • Towers with guided projectiles that have a good popping power, such as 2-0-1 Wizard Monkeys (can be upgraded to 4-0-2 / 5-0-2) and 2-0-1 Ninja Monkeys (can be upgraded to 4-0-1 / 5-0-1) can be very useful, especially as the former will allow you to pop Camo Leads and the latter will allow you to pop Purple Bloons as well as smaller bloons.
  • Some towers can stall all Bloons on the map, such as the Glue Storm or the Bloon Sabotage. If you have several of them, they can render themselves very useful. A Snowstorm can be very efficient, however, due to its limited range, the Ice Monkey will be less efficient than other towers.
  • To a lesser extent, 2-3-0 Druid of the Jungle can be helpful as the plants will catch the smaller bloons that are leaking. However, in this case, you will need towers that will take care of the outer layers of several packs of bloons.
  • Quincy + Dart can solo up to Round 12 on CHIMPS.
  • Perma-Spike + Stronger Stimulant + Village can be fit in the bottom platform to cover the intersection near the middle, which can catch leaks. The same can apply for a 4-0-2 Spiked Mines with the same supports.
  • The 2-0-5 Sub Commander is a great tower to use for CHIMPS.
  • A Mortar Monkey can be aimed at the intertwining vines in the center of the map, as this is the only place in the map that all Bloons will pass through.
  • Although you won't be able to use it at its full potential due to the map's configuration, a 2-3-0 Hydra Rocket Pods can help you to deal with dense packs of Bloons. If your towers can detect Camo Bloons, such as with Etienne's level 8 ability, a 0-3-2 can be even more efficient, as the rockets will pierce through the Bloons and hit those on the opposite lane.
  • Based on your connection, the map can desync in multiplayer, resulting in towers being moved off of platforms and floating in the air. They will continue to rotate with the platforms, but the spaces they occupied can be used, allowing for more towers to be placed than the map would otherwise allow.