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Sanctuary is an Expert Map in Bloons TD 6 added on Version 26.0 on June 3rd 2021, alongside Psi.


Many circular platforms appear on this map. All platforms on this map are the only places where towers can be placed. Below these platforms is a deep ground where its apparent depth is obscured by fog. The platforms rotate and move each round.

One platform at the top is adorned with a small circular channel of flowing water and a statue of Psi. There is water in the two mini-ponds here that form an ornamental water structural decoration. The mini-ponds can fit Monkey Subs and Monkey Buccaneers, but only one per mini-pond.

The pattern of the platforms’ formations cycles every 24 rounds.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney.png Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $300
Completed $60


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Version History[]

In version 27.0, a severe glitch occurred that the platforms start at the same position and move to the same spot regardless of the round, making the previous CHIMPS starting strategy for Sanctuary impossible. Although a new starting strategy was found for 27.0, this change was patched in version 27.2.

  • Released
  • Nerf Platforms' starting position and their movements are the same for every round (Glitch)
  • Buff Glitch was removed, making round 7 possible again



  • After a few hours of release, Round 6 CHIMPS is possible with Dart and Sniper, although very tight.
  • Round 19 Airburst is possible on Sanctuary CHIMPS, achieved within many hours from initial release.
  • Sanctuary CHIMPS was completed on 4:34pm NZST on June 4th 2021 by Exephur, as posted in the BTD6 Index Discord. He later posted on Reddit to the BTD6 community with his community achievement.
  • A placement of Perma-Spike allows the spikes to be placed at where the bloons split near the exit, making this Expert map significantly easier. Link.
  • A glitch occurred in version 27.0 messed up the patterns of the platforms, making them start in the center and move towards the same direction for every turn. This also makes beating this map on CHIMPS impossible.