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Hailing from one of the most notable families in the wizarding world, Sam certainly has history on her side. She may look cute but her feisty temperament packs as much of a punch as a zap from her wand.
~ BATTD description
Fires damaging beams of magical energy.
~ Short description

Sam is a monkey character in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is unlocked by completing every level in the Wizard Battle adventure on any difficulty. Sam is a monkey witch who functions very much like the Wizard Monkey from BTD6, attacking with magic and having a variety of upgrades that cast different spells, but not being able to pop Purple Bloons without some help.

She attacks somewhat differently from the Wizard Monkey, though. Instead of shooting magic bolts, Sam fires a solid beam of magic energy at Bloons, which when fully popped, creates a burst with a radius of 5 dealing 2 damage to nearby bloons, much like how Sniper Monkey's old Shrapnel Shot worked. This beam ramps up in intensity, gaining more damage the longer she fires the beam. The beam does 1 damage per tick, but after 4 seconds it increases to 2 damage per tick, after 6 it becomes 4 damage per tick, and after 8 seconds it becomes 8 damage per tick, before resetting her attack animation after 10 seconds.

Her beam attack is not affected by Attack Speed bonuses, as attack speed instead decreases the time spent readying the beam, but her other attacks will see an increase in attack speed when provided with attack speed bonuses.

She costs $550 to place.



  • Powerful upgrades
  • Low pierce


Icon intense beams
Intense Beams
COST: $700
Description: Sam's magic does more damage to bloons
Effect: -0.16s beam attack cooldown
Icon intense beams 2
Concentrated Beams
COST: $900
Upgrade(s) Required:
Intense Beams
Description: Advanced spells do even more damage to bloons
Effect: Further -0.06s beam attack cooldown, increases burst pierce to 20, and burst radius is now 7
Icon double beams
Double Beams
COST: $1,100
Upgrade(s) Required:
Concentrated Beams
Description: Sam fires her magical beams from both arms.
Effect: Gains a second beam
Icon polymorph
COST: $2,500
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Double Beams
Description: Turn the largest bloon in range into an animal!
Effect: Adds an additional attack that turns bloons into bloon animals for a short time: bloons stop moving while turned into a bloon animal. Bloons up to MOABs are polymorphed for 4 seconds, including bloons that Sam cannot damage, BFBs for 2 seconds, and ZOMGs and DDTs for 1 second. 8 second cooldown.
Icon mystic portal
Mystic Portal
COST: $1,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Create a portal to send bloons back to the start.
Effect: Spawns a portal identical to the one summoned by Magic Door Portal near one(?) exit of the track. Lasts up to 90 seconds and teleports up to 300 RBE back to the start at a time, 30 second downtime before a new one is activated.
Icon fireball
COST: $350
Description: Sam gains a magical fireball attack
Effect: Gains an additional attack that makes a 5 radius explosion upon impact, dealing 1 fire damage with 20 pierce, 3 second attack cooldown,
Icon meteor storm
Meteor Storm
COST: $6,000
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Call down a mighty, bloon popping meteor storm.
Effect: Shoots 24 meteors at a selected location, dealing 5 normal damage and +75 damage to MOAB-class with 200 pierce, and ignores Line of Sight obstacles. 70 second cooldown.
Icon student of ice
Student of Ice
COST: $550
Needs Ice King nearby!
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Sam learns secret ice magic from Ice King.
Effect: Bloons damaged by her beams have all their layers frozen for 2 seconds, damage is still Energy but cannot freeze White bloons.
Icon student of fire
Student of Fire
COST: $550
Needs Flame Princess nearby!
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Sam learns ancient fire magic from Flame Princess.
Effect: Bloons popped by her now create fiery traps with a lifespan of 4 seconds, 1 initial fire damage, burn effect makes bloons take 1 fire damage every 0.6s. Her beam attack now deals Fire damage instead of energy, letting her pop lead bloons.
Icon magic reach 1
Magic Reach
COST: $300
Description: Sam gets improved range on all her attacks
Effect: +5 range
Icon wizardly wisdom
Wizardly Wisdom
COST: $500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Magic Reach
Description: Ancient knowledge allows Sam to sense camo bloons.
Effect: +10 range and gains camo detection
Icon forked lightning
Forked Lightning
COST: $800
Upgrade(s) Required:
Wizardly Wisdom
Description: Unleash lightning to zap many bloons at once.
Effect: Additional attack that does energy damage type, 2.5s cooldown, 20 pierce
Icon forked lighning 2
Lightning Storm
COST: $2,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Forked Lightning
Description: Sam's lightning attack can hit even more bloons.
Effect: Lightning attack improved to 2.1s cooldown, 25 pierce, and chain range increased from 15 to 22

Star Boost[]

Sam will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base price reduced by $25
  • 6 stars - Base attack cooldown decreased by 0.1*
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 9 stars - Base price reduced by $75
  • 10 stars - Additional base attack: Seeking magical bolt
    • 0.75 Attack Cooldown, 4 Pierce, 1 Fire Damage, Seeking, performed within Sam's base range
  • Shows "attack speed increased by X" in the official patch notes and in the game - this is misleading. The attack speed stat is the inverse of attack cooldown.


When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When MOAB-Class Bloons appear:

When MOAB-Class Bloon is popped:

When bloons leak:

When activating ability:


Sam is one of the characters with the highest range potential in the game. With just a range weapon and some help of 2 Instrument characters with Lute Suits and PB's range upgrade, she is gonna have all the range she needs. Range upgrades of other kinds would be very good for her as well. Because her damage output is sub par, she is recommended primarily as a Thought Cannon Wand user for getting extra loot, and giving her Googoomamameter compliments her high range if she is used for generating TCW loot.


Because her beam attack isn't affected by attack speed in any significant way, attack speed trinkets are generally not recommended.

There is a Plasma Goggles bug specifically for Sam that lets the buff last forever and stack on itself. However, the buff will wear off after obtaining any upgrades, so while Sam does have the potential to be the strongest tower, all desired upgrades should already be purchased. In Send in the Clones, Fireball should be first priority, as it adds an extra projectile for her at a cheap price.

Her meteorites stop being effective quickly in Martian Games, because BADs move too fast to stay long enough to get hit by them all, and constant screen shaking is detrimental. She is good tower to play until you get all the better towers. If you want some breakable strong ability like hers, PB and Warrior PB got you covered, their abilities have way higher damage potential, with way better accuracy, way less micromanagement land less lag and it stays true compared to Sam even if you break it on them to the fullest. Sam on other hand is not top 10 f2p charecter list, but she is workable.

A good idea is to get her the TCW to make MOAB-class bloons drop a lot money because at late game players need money due to cash starve and because of her high range with TCW, polymorph can help stun MOABs. If she is the only one having stalling item, better have Wizard Nunchuks or Giant Tranq.

Update History[]


  • NERFAlmost all star boosts removed from upgrades (Fireball is the only exception)
  • BUFFConcentrated beams price decreased from $1000 to $900
  • ChangeForked Lightning pierce changed from 14 + 2 per star to 20
  • NERFLightning Storm pierce changed from 22 + 4 per star to 25
  • ChangePolymorph duration changed from 3 seconds + 0.4 seconds per star to 4 seconds
  • ChangeMystic Portal now always appears at the end of the track, regardless of where Sam is placed
  • ChangeMeteor Swarm renamed to Meteor Storm with changed visuals
  • BUFFMeteor Storm meteor count changed from 10 + 2 per star to 24
  • BUFFFarsight upgrade replaced with Wizardly Wisdom, which gives the same range boost and camo detection
  • BUFFSam now receives the following boosts at certain star levels;
    • Star Level 2: +2 Base range
    • Star Level 4: -$25 Placement cost
    • Star Level 6: +0.1 Base attack speed
    • Star Level 8: +3 Base range
    • Star Level 9: -$75 Placement cost
    • Star Level 10: Additional attack at base level: Seeking magical bolt


  • BUFF Base attack now lasts for 10 seconds and increases its damage the longer it stays on a single target


  • If Sam has at least +50% attack speed and is in range of an instrument character with Lute Suit, her Meteor Rain will have double projectiles.
  • Using Plasma Goggles will permanently keep the buff on herself, and multiple uses of the goggles will stack the buff on itself. The buff wears off when any upgrade is purchased on Sam.



  • If the player waits on the character screen, Sam either fixes her hat or points her wand and looks into the air.
    • These idle animations can also be seen ingame from a different angle.
  • Sam is the only hero in BATTD who attacks left-handed.
  • If a MOAB-Class Bloon is destroyed by a character who is wearing Crystal Mergence of Destruction when Sam is using Polymorph, she will polymorph the children all at once, while they still are not back to their original size.
    • Polymorphed non-MOAB bloons are either left-facing puppies, rabbits, or butterflies.
    • Sam's Polymorph is also built in to the ally Gumbald's main attack.
  • With Wizard Lord Wand equipped, Sam can infinitely blow back a Purple Bloon and stall the round forever. This is called a Purple Bloon Farm.


  1. The statistics claims that her pierce is 0. It is in fact 1 pierce based on Impact Impact, or 6 pierce from the burst impact.
  2. Her attack has ramping damage, starting at 1 damage then slowly increasing to up to 8 per tick