Sam is a Monkey Hero in Bloons Adventure Time TD. She is unlocked by completing every level in the Wizard Battle adventure on any difficulty. Sam is a monkey witch who functions very much like the Wizard Monkey from BTD6, attacking with magic and having a lot of upgrades that cast different spells, but not being able to pop Purple Bloons without some help. She attacks somewhat differently from the Wizard Monkey, though; instead of shooting magic bolts, Sam fires a solid beam of magic energy at Bloons. She costs $550 to place.

Statistic[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Intense Beams ($700): Sam's magic does more damage to Bloons.
    • Concentrated Beams ($900): Advanced magic does even more damage to Bloons.
      • Double Beams ($1100): Sam fires magic beams from both arms.
        • Polymorph ($2500): Turns the largest Bloon in range into a harmless Bloon animal! (Requires Level 3)
          • Mystic Portal ($1500): Creates a portal that sends Bloons to the start. (Requires Level 5)
  • Fireball ($350): Sam gains a fireball attack.
    • Student of Ice ($550): Sam learns ice magic from Ice King. (Needs Ice King nearby, locked by Student of Fire)
    • Student of Fire ($550): Sam learns fire magic from Flame Princess. (Needs Flame Princess nearby, locked by Student of Ice)
    • Meteor Swarm: Call down a mighty Bloon-popping meteor storm! (Requires Level 7)
  • Magic Reach ($300): Improved range on all Sam's attacks.
    • Wizardly Wisdom ($500): Ancient knowledge allows Sam to detect Camo Bloons.
      • Forked Lightning ($800): Unleashes lightning to zap many Bloons at once.
        • Lightning Storm ($2000): Sam's lightning attack can hit even more Bloons.

Star Boost[edit | edit source]

Sam will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base price reduced by $25
  • 6 stars - Base attack speed increased by 0.1
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 9 stars - Base price reduced by $75
  • 10 stars - Additional base attack: Seeking magical bolt

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When Placed:

  • "Wanna see a magic trick?"
  • "Hey, Bloons! Come out and play! Promise I won't hurt ya."
  • "Magic and mischief, the perfect combination!"
  • "What's up, Sai?" (when Sai the Shadow is placed)

When Selected:

  • "Yep?"
  • "Abraca-blammo!"
  • "Presto-poppo!"
  • "Shazam!"
  • "Abracazam!"
  • "Haha!"
  • "Are you trying to get turned into a frog?" (annoyed)

When Upgraded:

  • "Magic!"
  • "Zap!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Ice is my thing, sister. Go get your own shtick!"- Ice King when you upgrade her to Student of Ice
  • "Alright Sam, show me what you got!"- Flame Princess when you upgrade her to Student of Fire

When MOAB-Class Bloons Appear:

  • "Here they come. So big, so stupid and so slow!"

When MOAB-Class Bloons Are Popped:

  • "Awwww, did you pop? Not so big now, huh?"

When Bloons Leak:

  • "Hey, no fair! There are too many of them!"

When Activating an Ability:

  • "It's time to meteor doom!"- when activating Meteor Swarm

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

Sam is from the towers with the highest range in the game.

She's also helpful on Impoppable when you face DDTs or even ZOMGs!

A good idea is to get her the TCW to make MOAB-class bloons drop a lot money because at late game players need money due to cash starve and because of high range buff polymorph should be good.

She's also a good tower when you buy the student of fire spell. It synergises well with Ice King's winter weather.

Update History[edit | edit source]


  • Buff.png Base attack now lasts for 10 seconds and increases its damage the longer it stays on a single target

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a M. O. A. B. Class Bloon is destroyed by a character who is wearing Crystal Mergence of Destruction when Sam is using Polymorph, she will polymorph the children all at once, while they still are not back to their original size.
    • Polymorphed Bloons are either left-facing puppies or butterflies.
  • With Wizard Lord Wand equiped, Sam can infinite blow back a Purple Bloon and stall the round forever. This is called a Purple Bloon Farm.
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