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Round 99 is a round in Bloons TD 6. It is the second-to-last round in Impoppable Difficulty and CHIMPS. It is characterized by a moderately dense rush of MOABs followed by a group of slightly spaced Fortified DDTs.


60 densely grouped MOABs arrive. After around ~6.5s, 9 spaced Fortified DDTs will charge in. The MOABs will stop spawning very soon after the last DDT enters.



Round 99 is considered one of the toughest rounds in a CHIMPS game, mainly because of how sudden the change in RBE and speed happens, progressing from the very slow and dense Round 98 to the very quick speed of Round 99. In particular, abilities on cooldown may be of a notable concern going into this round.


To beat Round 99 efficiently, stalling strategies utilized on Round 98 will need to be utilized and there must be a reliable anti-DDT defense.

Effective damage-oriented defenses specific to beating Round 99 include, starting from the most recommended:

Relatively low-cost support options for combatting Round 99:

  • Bloon Sabotage is the best single counter to Round 99, slowing the Fortified DDTs to a more reasonable speed. DDT popping power is still required to handle the rest of the round, however.
  • MOAB Glue with camo detection, to slow DDTs further.
  • Relentless Glue, which in combination with the various MOABs and Ceramics can briefly stun DDTs, giving enough time for some defenses to destroy them.
  • 4-2-0 Maim MOAB, to clump the DDTs slightly to slow them down and give more time for chaining abilities together.
  • 2-4-0 Spike Storm deals a chunk of damage to the Fortified DDTs, provided that they are away from the groups of MOABs between them.

Powerful wipeout abilities include the following, but require proper ability timing and stalling to make best out of them:

  • Two simultaneous Ground Zero abilities can wipe out default-health Fortified DDTs with ease, one use can reduce default-health Fortified DDTs down to a very low health, 104 to be precise
  • Tsar Bomba ability only requires one usage to wipe out Fortified DDTs.
  • Pop and Awe ability can clump up the Fortified DDTs, and the main attack can be utilized to critically damage them.
  • Admiral Brickell's Mega Mine can be used to handle break a large amount of blimps into their offspring, and wipes out the Fortified DDT layers in a single ability use. Recommended to stack them away from the beginning.

Additional Tips[]

  • 2-4-0 Spike Storm is a good counter to Round 99, but make sure the MOABs are handled too so that the spikes can hit the Fortified DDTs rather than waste on the MOABs.
  • Having a max-stacked Prince of Darkness is helpful coming from Round 98 into Round 99, as it will trigger its maximum strength onto the Fortified DDTs that arrive. With this, it can deal a big chunk of damage to the Fortified DDTs.
  • Before handling Round 100, buy anti-BAD defense as soon as possible, if not before this round. This often includes First Strike Capability and Spike Storm.
  • Each FDDT has 1104 health, rather than 800, due to the +38% health ramping of Round 99.


  • In a standard set of rounds up to Round 100, this is the only round with Fortified DDTs.